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Dress shopkeeper contends for the backside that appears on the market

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  looks from global limits, increase of young customer ceaselessly and of office worker lifestyle increasingly recreational change, it is to drive global dress brand to lie fallow quickly those who change two because of,move greatly.

Recreational dress has broad market, but day of beneficial aggravate of competition, the production that driving global sportswear retail trade changes labor is abundant and cheap Asia to the area stage by stage. Especially the China that level of numerous, national income increases population ceaselessly consumes the market, also changing the market focus of global sportswear retail trade.

In numerous international brand, spanish ZARA, the world such as the UNIQLO of Swedish H&M and Japan is famous the sportswear shopkeeper that has global view, passing its powerful brand construction and promotion ability, products plan ability, channel construction ability, market sale ability and supply chain government ability, chase and transmitting the international trend trend in change.

In brutal competition, department of Li Ning, wave ascends China's well-known dress trademark, fort lion dragon, how to step, bird of Chinese tendercy, announce good news, Yageer, special the pace contend for appear on the market, ascend body international market.

"Eye comes round to say, garment retail trade still is supply exceeds demand, industry competition is too serious. Its unlike spin kind the industry has regional differentiate, or the industry is centered relatively, have industry bibcock monopoly. " Wang Rong tells the analyst of garment retail trade of negotiable securities " times of finance and economics " .

She thinks at the same time: "Although competition is intense, but the integrated problem between temporary nonexistent still brand. Because the characteristic of brand of garment retail trade is brighter, integrated need seeks a client group do not overlap, and oneself the brand does not conflict, agree quite again with original brand. Eye comes round to say, home is the brand that can not have conformity, likelihood field of harbor stock market and foreign possibility are a few larger. Likelihood field of harbor stock market and foreign possibility are a few larger..

The mainest purpose that appear on the market is financing, and again every brand development needs financing most. It is with beautiful country dress exemple, the good of main collect capital changes management to mode innovation from business mode innovation namely, with natural resources of society of informatization platform conformity, compose builds garment industry to swim up and down zoology catenary, promote government in the round.

The country believes the Gao Fangmin of analyst of garment retail trade of negotiable securities to think: "Look at present, appearing on the market is the method of a financing of dress shopkeeper only, do not have inevitable connection with the development of the industry. Still involve the issue of industrial catenary at the same time, industrial catenary and information platform to now for retail trade very important. Industrial catenary and information platform to now for retail trade very important..
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