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Who will break the pattern that dress finished product changes

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  is in social association, people values figure beauty of the person very, dress up through dressing in succession the beauty that will increase oneself praise degree, "The horse wants saddle outfit, the person wants garment " , those who say is this truth. And the progress as the times, economic development, people takes the beautification function of dress seriously more and more nowadays. Although, dress produces manufacturer also the new product that ground of leave no stone unturned rolls out all sorts of design, try every means satisfies people to love beautiful need. But because the person's bodily form is put in the difference with congenital move, the aesthetic idea of everybody is different, because this manufacturer manufactures the clothing that come out, if the person wishs,use up very hard still, satisfy the requirement of each consumer individuation. such, the author thinks, cause. The product had been decided model, cannot alter, although consumer is dissatisfactory to the some place of the product, also be forced put up with. If have manufacturer home,can satisfying customer the make an issue of on demand of this one individuation, make great efforts, break this long-term the pattern that the dress finished product since changes, with respect to the management difference that can create an extraordinary, it is thereby in intense market competition, show itself, outshine the rest, gain the favour of consumer, obtain exchequer billow to come.

The author sees a data, the United States has a trader, opened " combined-type shoemaker " . There are 8 kinds of 6 kinds of heels, soles on consumptive wearing, the color on vamp with black, Bai Wei advocate. Build the color of the belt to have 8 kinds, design has more than 100 kinds. The client can choose each place of the shoe that gives his to like most freely, give next the employee undertakes assorted, need to wait only on 10 come minute, a pair gratified flexibly new shoe but in one's hand. And the price of the price that sets shoe sale and batch product is similar, some is even some cheaper. Of this businessman this " combined-type shoemaker " roll out, draw numerous customer instantly, make this inn sale fiery, economic benefits soars.

The shoe can be combined, why can be dress combined? From this the author thinks, our dress produces manufacturer, can draw lessons from the practice of this American businessman, roll out " of store of " combined-type clothing? semi-manufactured goods of dress make it, divide dress into each place such as body of collar, sleeve, garment, on the goods shelves that is placed inside inn, and make design diversity of these semi-manufactured goods color, diversiform. The client is OK follow one's inclinations the place that chooses oneself to like, undertake dress is combined, after feeling satisfactory to assorted dress, give again operator treatment shapes. Make the clothing that come so, either can you satisfy the need of consumer individuation more? So affirmation can let consumer be perfectly satisfied, enhance the competition ability that produces operator. Everyone is happy, not beautiful? Who breaks the production that dress finished product turns to manage mode first, who is benefited first, letter?
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