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Dress brand is managed, arrived to make medium of communication when faithfulnes

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  perhaps somebody thinks Chinese market is a big cake, want to be able to share only among them a small disastrous; Perhaps somebody thinks Chinese client is too much, because of the high speed development as Chinese economy and people brand consciousness rise, think the person that do poineering work independently and seeks success and money is too much, did not join in with afraid brand far from client; What perhaps somebody thinks brand business is acted is the part of the leader of an alliance of Chi Zha all corners of the country, brand business concerns with what join in the client's relation is cacique and epigone, join in the client is opposite brand chamber of commerce only more than follow sb's lead.


In recent years, enter Chinese market with the ZARA, H&M brand that is a delegate on one hand, because its duplicate quickly vogue, quick response and outstanding achievement of person of only store arrogant are caused inside course of study thoughtful; And be like a few mainland such as elegant dagger Er write a brand the form with large store straight battalion energetically terminal of race to control, already let a lot of enterprises and brand follow; Enter garment industry with means of electronic business affairs like PPG again, make B2B, B2C, C2C becomes a lot of brands to heat up the target that hold in both hands. And on the other hand a lot of in small clothing company or brand, be faced with market of a region to pass however one, the corner that 2 season abandon by the client; What the client of card of the essay in often happening is dug by another brand is depressed.

To dress brand character, no matter you are how to locate, or you use means of which kinds of sale, access is enterprise or brand and market or consumer undoubtedly is repeatedly. In domestic garment industry, channel mode has normally: Wholesale, representative, straight battalion, concessionary join in, form of electronic business affairs.


Among them, straight battalion terminal, especially straight battalion large store because not only the profit prediction of a person's luck in a given year that can reduce intermediate segment, and the possibility is the largest change the ground conserves and most a variety of market information that place of apace feedback brand wants, still but of utmost reveal brand image and the sale strategy that implement a brand, so this kind of channel is optimal undoubtedly the brand to; And the business affairs of electronic business affairs that is a delegate with PPG, although appearance inspects a net to hand in easy cost low, but the promotion cost that does not poor investment actually and content spread cost. To great majority home in small dress brand or burgeoning brand because of capital, because manage,wait for a reason to be inside quite long period of time still must the client of each district of have the aid of comes the bridge that erect brand leads to the market and consumer.
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