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Reveal the truth of predicament of knitting underwear market

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  one, phenomenon: Fall of knitting underwear market is enchanted boundless and indistinct this article originates spin resource, ask each netizen to input spin resource to examine directly in the browser directly.

Underwear industry is one of industries that at present Chinese garment industry has latent capacity most. Year sale is in 100 billion above, and annual the speed of 20% is in up to growth.

But Chinese knitting underwear is one makes not large trade it seems that, no matter be powerful force of industry old brand, still be later parvenu, facing similar problem generally: Competition ability is insufficient, the market is sold not free, gain is meager, the whole that restricting the market develops.

The smoke of gunpowder of price war diffuses in terminal. Because brand competition is intense, brand of numerous knitting underwear was immersed in the lair that the price competes, serve as main measure of competition with the price. 100 yuan or so made the commonnest price, when selling an activity especially, 50 yuan of less than made mainstream price, and a few brands hit 9.9 yuan even, 10 yuan price, depreciate range is bigger and bigger, as a result at " buy 1 to send 12 " the sales promotion that makes a person adv unimaginably happens.

The brand is add the value is reflected hard in the industry. Regional brand is active in local market performance, with before the situation photograph that well-known trademark holds major market share is compared, essay card is in in the market share of ceaseless nibble old brand. Prime cause is: Before low, brand dominant position is very weak, of old brand famous degree bring real sale power very hard.

In the sale process of underwear, ground of one is assured and bold with justice " add 20 money to deliver goods (fewer perhaps reach 5) " -- look very cordial, but what show brand business to taste card value to oneself however is guilty.

2, differentiate and analyse: Be the problem with insufficient power of innovation of science and technology?

Be aimed at the current situation of underwear industry, industry is general and popular a kind of such viewpoints: Power of innovation of industry science and technology is insufficient.

A lot of expert scholars think, because the integral level of Chinese knitting industry is low, innovation of science and technology of domestic most small and medium sized business and capability of research and development are not strong, design level is not high, forecast to what shed a trend weaker also, cause a product coessential change more apparent, appear similar pattern, same design, same material, the product is add the cost is not high.

The product innovation strength that accelerates knitting enterprise is the basic key that solves this problem, knitting company should explore try out new raw material, new technology actively, promote structure of fabrics development, product to optimize energetically.
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