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The Han Zhengjie on the net head now autumn hand in meeting

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Market of   Han Zhengjie 2008 autumn hand in can kick off first days order exceeds 2 billion yuan of RMB

"Han Zhengjie autumn make meeting scale expanding every year, content innovates ceaselessly! " already attended Han Zhengjie for years continuously autumn hand in the brand dress square of the meeting to manage a Chen Changjian, speak of this year autumn make the change of the meeting, do not conceal inner excitement, this year autumn hand in can have a net to hand in easy platform, the sales promotion effect of agent of dress of this pair of brands and agency is particularly distinct, very much travelling merchant is to pass network admire name to attend this year autumn hand in of the meeting.  

Yesterday, han Zhengjie market the trade fair kicked off Summer 2008. Kick off that day, in coming from south the 2 class market of 6 provinces purchases business many times 3000 to attend the spot to negotiate, sign commodity to purchase order for goods 2.05 billion yuan.  

It is reported, 8 days are handed in to 13 day autumn during the meeting, will hold business affairs to negotiate respectively, " let one's thought flow freely the life, wonderful ego " trend of Chinese dress popularity is revealed beautiful, " Neon skirt colourful shadow " popularity daughter mounts the activity such as fashionable show.  

Phone purse gets weigh in hand trade on the net

Autumn hand in turn around day, chen Changjian signed 200 thousand yuan sale order, new development cent sells business 5. He guards square of estimation brand dress 3000 manage an order that signed that day to be able to achieve 500 million yuan more.  

Han Zhengjie is in charge of appoint Wu of hold a conference or consultation does director Li Chuanhua to say, platform of business affairs of Han Zhengjie electron uses " phone purse " solved pay an issue. "Not little Han Zhengjie business door feels electronic business affairs is very profound, won't get online again, but they can call, will finish electronic business affairs with the phone, lowered the use threshold of business door greatly. " it is reported, use order for goods and net to hand in easy new pattern, reduce business affairs cost of the client greatly not only, extended a new sale channel for the businessman at the same time.  

Li Chuanhua introduces, platform of business affairs of Han Zhengjie electron debuts formally this year in April, appear in first autumn hand in on the meeting, the development new structure that the whole industry chain that formed an organic whole of produce and sale and materiality and hurried of aeriform market each other take in all. To 2010, electronic business affairs trades frontal hopeful occupies Han Zhengjie year 5% what sell amount.


The brand becomes new a magic weapon of market of play chess of Han Zhengjie rich

Previously, han Zhengjie always gives a person " low is low qualitative " impression, in recent years, increase as the standardization of market control and consciousness of the brand when people is consumed, the brand makes the new a magic weapon that Han Zhengjie's bosses weichi in market gain gradually.  
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