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Unscramble Chinese clothing company to upgrade " golden finger "

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    2008, industry of Chinese spin garment faces a lot of and stern test, quite clothing company of the amount, especially deficient of capital of medium and small businesses, some medium and small businesses had passed ground of southern industry group accordingly stop, or the life hangs a gleam of. In small clothing company this year why is financing so difficult? Macroscopical policy should how company of adjusting control clothing?

At this point the topic interviewed Sun Ruizhe of vice-chairman of association of Chinese textile industry, sun Huaibin of spokesman of news of society of textile industry of director of research center of Chinese spin economy, China; Yuan Gang of researcher of institute of economy of distinguished economist, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences bright, yang Danhui of deputy researcher of institute of economy of industry of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

Finance combines a fist

The country is macroscopical of adjusting control " golden finger " the near future goes out again and again action. On August 29, chinese silver-colored inspect can allot a file, ask each bank sets department of small company credit only, express to will accelerate the examination of the new-style finance orgnaization such as pair of bourg banks. Each bank needs to advance concrete step before September 20, will fulfil a circumstance to inform silver-colored inspect to meet.

Before this on August 18, resource of the Central Bank, Ministry of finance, manpower and dispatch of combination of social security ministry express, will work concentrated model of small company small assure loan upper limit raises 2 million yuan by 1 million yuan, allow rise of loan interest rate 3 percent. On August 19, the Ministry of finance expresses, central finance will increase supportive strength, special fund supports arrangement medium and small businesses 3.51 billion yuan health of medium and small businesses develops. On August 6, the commercial bank expresses the support that will increase pair of medium and small businesses in respect of credit of second half of the year, on foundation of original credit dimensions to national commercial bank tone adds 5 % , to local commercial bank tone adds 10 % , use technically at medium and small businesses and agricultural loan.

And from silver-colored in May inspect meeting, Central Bank is released jointly " about small the directive opinion with pilot finance company " since, small finance company is pilot spread out quickly in each district. The long triangle with spin clothing concentrated company publishs relevant measure again and again.

Zhejiang takes the lead in coming on stage " Zhejiang province is small finance company is pilot the government that register is provisional method " , this is the whole nation first standard is small finance company establishs condition and administrative system rules.
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