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With pure form break out of an encirclement: Solution surrounds Dongguan hot wat

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  looks in Cantonese, road of haven of center of tiger door the city zone and Yin Longlu are handed in collect place, rely on canal of Pearl River affluent, dispute often suits the geomantic treasure ground of classics trade. 1993, did government of tiger door guard begin here " city of tiger door dress " starting making? ? Build market of a large and professional costume to enrich the people commercial edifice. This action is undesigned Dongguan inchoate the business of the dress that face a market that does not have foreword door people, the standard becomes a batch of lawful jobber, and hatch gave many Dongguan own dress brand.

"With pure " namely from the example that enrichs the people to go all the way.

Is the Dongguan that doesn't an again careless root cross native land civilian battalion enterprise? ? With pure group, take the lead in becoming overturn " east Dongguan mode " example: More than 4000 are opened in the whole world " with pure " dress brand shop, have 14 dress to distinguish a works; Sell with having a brand oneself southeasterly inferior, the international market such as middle east, Russia; Attracted come from Europe, United States, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and chinese mainland the design ministry of many 500 professional stylist; The dress quality that still has to cost 20 million yuan to make at the same time detects center.

Storefront is the eye of the enterprise, with pure group boss Guo Donglin thinks, people can pass no less than figure understands storefront company brand is same, "Dress is the eye of tiger door, people can know tiger door through garment industry. People can know tiger door through garment industry..

"Chinese dress is hit into the international market is a not easy thing really, with pure had entered southeast Asia market now, this is already delectable but congratulate, with pure still want aspire to be hit into international. Especially Euramerican country. " with pure group stylist Liu Yang says.

"Enrich the people mode "

As numerous as Dongguan civilian battalion boss is same, guo Donglin comes from nonlocal country, because the poverty in the home is handed in,do not have tuition, he reads second year in high school discontinue one's studying, the attempt sells timber in place, guo Donglin is unsuccessful, principal is not had return, 1991, next Guangzhou austral him work, after a year, know a dress business friend, guo Donglin tries deal again, this he turns into garment industry.

At first, the friend that Guo Donglin just follows him arrives bead trigonometry takes the factory that make the clothing to buy the goods end slow-moving storehouse monopolistic. Two years of time, went around almost bead the factory of clothing of system of ownership of delta. 1995, the pain that Guo Donglin is taking him himself 5 years is accumulated, in Guangzhou time does Yu build the small plant making the clothing that had his? ? Garment plant is made more east.
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