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Economic depression makes underwear enterprise sharp model

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Chun Chao emerges move, be force burst forth, also be thick the assault biff that accumulates thin hair. Underwear industry grows 2008 keys year, it is an enterprise the opportunity is adjusted to the strategy after the sufficient understanding of the market in course early days, also be rule of development of oneself of the market in process of underwear market development reflect. These a few years, the pattern of underwear market is heat preservation gradually desalt, household is taken rise abruptly, the bra is smooth, without seam be in adjust period, and the development as the market, appear a few new cases, a lot of foreign trade enterprise, brand that makes home market, doing strategical adjustment, in order to form new core competition ability, go developing home or foreign market. These enterprises are in transition, facing what problem, how to go solving, what we pay close attention to these.

Transition, train of thought does not want solidify

Company transition has 2 kinds, one kind is the pressure by force of market environment, if do the business of foreign trade, in facing a lot of and adverse factor, product gain is smaller and smaller, live below the case with bigger and bigger pressure, and made strategy is adjusted. One kind is the competition ability to promote a brand further, raise the additional cost of the product, or the sale that has much class is politic; Or those who have a brand upgrade, carry change by low Duan Xianggao. Do the train of thought of sale in domestic market to company transition, the Yao Liang of sale chief inspector of superhuman strength has different view, he thinks export company turns sale in domestic market, at present the industry has some of idea still is onefold, a lot of people think export company turns so sale in domestic market, must start a brand oneself. Actually problem, either such one kind ponders over means, the company turns sale in domestic market, must not start a brand oneself. Below the condition that does not know home market, the enterprise of transition can act as agent first a few brands, sale has in some a few area, perhaps undertake cooperative with the company that operates a brand in home so. This kind of means is type trying water, start a brand oneself again after understanding home market or the requirement that have operation market, this can yet be regarded as a kind desirable path.

Foreign trade enterprise promotes actual strength, will seek opportunity

Company transition is not confined to export to turn make sale in domestic market, also have a few companies, in the actual strength that promotes oneself, go answering abroad to cooperate a higher demand, concern in order to seek a kind of long-term cooperation, stabilize the development route of the enterprise.

This is planted at this phenomenon, the abundant of soup of sale chief inspector of lot bird thinks to make home market so still making foreign trade later, whole justice black is such circumstance, present enterprise becomes for sale abroad or in another part of the country, also undertaking the industry upgrades, it is simple treatment so, so, suffer market environment interference is more serious, inchoate is a kind of simple treatment, of pursuit is a kind of simple treatment profit. Platform is more and more expensive now, foreign big company, include 500 strong companies of world to come Hua Xin seeks cooperation square, it is the actual strength that asks to see the other side, namely justice black is in in succession in these a few years by check factory, this is prelude. What workses of these foreign company test look is the manufacturing actual strength with real company, still have a few humanitarian environments, include labor safeguard to wait. This is a kind of change, explain foreign enterprise is searching the associate of a can long-term cooperation, to domestic company, it is a kind of rare opportunity. This is in a few years in front, the enterprise does not wish to accept, what they go after is a kind of simple collaboration mode, that is goods of skill money skill. Suffer environmental effect, the thought of a lot of enterprises also was changed, for as long-term as foreign enterprise cooperation, promoting business development. Such whole industry, promote a new height, this gives new company a kind of inspiration at the same time, if in cooperative process the enterprise amounts to mark, allow the company of satisfaction of the other side, have powerful development space. Carry check plants, promote the actual strength of the enterprise, corresponding ground also can promote his brand, this to the enterprise also be benefited. In early days, the likelihood brings labor pains in check plant process, want you to achieve a requirement only, outside public praise forms benefit, a per unit area yield lays benefit, undeserved it is economic benefits, still have social beneficial result, perhaps say the beneficial result that the company grows for a long time, this has far-reaching sense to the long-term development strategy of the enterprise.
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