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Spin garment industry: Success or failure all because of yield

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  one. Drop a;2008 of grail of summary prep above year arrived on January 1 on August 30, spin dress index falls for 57.75% , drop a Shanghai of summary prep above is deep of 300 the corresponding period drop (55.59%) . Among them, spin child industry index falls for 54.36% ; Dress child industry index falls for 53.22% , drop relatively lesser.

2. In actual performance surpasses industry of garment of newspaper reviewing; spin industry. Cast aside besides after be not regular income, we discover spin child the question with industry bigger presence, advocate business Wu profit glides compared to the same period 4.3% , unless,buckle regular the net profit after increase and decrease glides considerably 21.65% . Watch dress instead child industry, two index all present high speed growth, achieve respectively 49.71% with 102.37% . We think cost rises ceaselessly, cheap product floods the market and on the low side of spin product value and transferring the account such as cost pressure hard is spin child the main reason that the industry loses; Yield is added fast drop considerably. The newspaper in 2008, yield of spin garment industry is 1.7 billion yuan, grow to be only compared to the same period 1.47% , and 1078.9% photographs compared annual 2007, it is a world of difference simply.

3. Trade data is answered put; exit to continue economy of United States of depressing – – and RMB element. Exit of spin garment industry is added fast continue fall after a rise, exit is added first half of the year fast had glided to be counted to the unit 9.69% , this is in recent years inferior level. Take outfit exit to add among them fast glide more apparent, exit is added first half of the year fast only 1.58% . Demand of consumption of American economy depression is fatigued and weak the dress amount that causes exit United States and amount all are in drop the mainest factor that should take outfit exit forehead to drop. Take those who put on buccal United States to add fast had appeared negative growth, before 7 months are added fast for - 4.28% . Before 8 months, the RMB appreciates to the dollar extent is achieved 6.3% , this spin dress that gives priority to to exit forms bigger blow for the industry; Fixed assets investment adds fast become divided. Above of dimensions of industry of spin of whole nation of before 6 months (5 million yuan) the fixed assets investment that finish grows 14.24% compared to the same period, add fast dropped compared to the same period 11.37% , add fast apparent fall after a rise. Investment of accumulative total fixed assets adds textile and job of dress shoe cap first half of the year fast it is respectively 6.3% with 24.7% , differentiation is apparent. The hasten interest sex of capital is one of main reasons that bring about fixed assets investment to add fast become divided.

4. The attune on exit drawback is short-term profit good;2008 only year on August 1, the attune on rate of spin dress drawback only 2% , will increase amount of gain of 2.586 billion dollar () of about 18.1 billion yuan of RMBs, profit total will increase 15% , net profit will add 11.25% . And the RMB appreciates since 2008 adjacent 7% , the amplitude modulation on drawback rate hard countervail RMB appreciates extent, profit good motive is so lesser.
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