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Spin highlights brand advantage in dress become divided

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  encountered development on whole of spin garment industry first half of the year this year " the most difficult period " , a few big adverse factors appreciate like the RMB, external demand puts cost of delay, raw material rise, make the profit of spin garment industry is faced with " get on next crowded pressing " corner. Below the situation that encounters development difficulty in the industry, industry of 83 spin garment appears on the market in the half annals that the company hands over, 53 business profit appeared of different level glide. In integral outstanding achievement not below the circumstance of beautiful, appear on the market occurrence become divided of company outstanding achievement, among them the state of the rapid growth of brand dress business and industry formed relatively bright contrast.

Against the wind of spin bibcock enterprise flies upwards

Eliminate recombines and long-term deficit enterprise, choose the example of 31 spin company, spin board piece will look from integral data, business income grew 10.2% compared to the same period, business profit was reduced compared to the same period 12% , of wool interest rate drop and of financial cost rising is the main reason that business profit drops. Fall in the circumstance with industry unfavorable general trends however, we still discover it is better to have technical advantage and enterprise of cost pilot bibcock fight risk sex, for instance Lu Tai of enterprise of lubricious weaving bibcock. The pily price that Lu Tai decides privilege through signing long-term contract to lock up, through foreign currency long-dated reduce financial cost to appreciate to developing a RMB risk, through perfect industry catenary reduces semifinished product cost, increase new product of technical research and development to increase product class ceaselessly at the same time, make the wool interest rate of the company constant promotion. The advantage bibcock enterprise that we think this kind has technology and cost represented the development way of industry future, its expression also can exceed a trade far average level.

Brand kind clothing company wins out

From dress board piece in light of, this board piece 21 companies component is the enterprise that specializes in a brand, exit treatment, the company that complementary makings and diversity run dress. Half annals shows, the dress business that specializes in a brand includes bird of 7 beautiful country dress, wolves, announce good news with doing business on average income of 70% add fast, business profit of 342% add fast turn up one's nose at a large number of heroes, form bright contrast with the expression of whole garment industry. Below the big setting that at present in our country consumption upgrades, dress brand enterprise still has larger development space.

Chemical fibber still is in industry cycle trough

Chemical fibber board piece it is a trade with the poorest performance of the outstanding achievement in 3 stature industries, the industry is average wool interest rate dropped 5.45% , business profit dropped compared to the same period 63.4% . Suffer produce can superfluous, product coessential change serious effect, polyester fibber industry is compared all the time low fan, and of oil price rise make this industry is behaved first half of the year this year more flooey. Because produce,can supply increase and of downstream demand put delay, ammoniac black silk ribbon had this year with price sticking gum bigger drop. Considering the periodic feature of the industry, we think main area is in the industry short-term inside won't have very big improvement.
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