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Brand, the outlet of Jiangsu garment industry

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    " in 700 million yuan total sale, 5 100 million come from traditional textile, be close to 0 profit. " " our high-end product does not sell good price however. " " the sale this year can be accomplished 2 billion, but how many can profit have to return very it's hard to say. " ...

Yesterday, in dress of 2008 Jiangsu spin " forum of high level of look forward to of celebrity, name, famous brand " go up, jiangsu clothing company recounts his joys and sorrows of life.

Change according to national hair appoint a data shows, wait for an element because of macroscopical environment first half of the year this year, home shares the medium and small businesses of above of 67 thousand dimensions to close down, among them the enterprise of spin industry exceeds 10 thousand, additionally the spin enterprise of 2/3 is faced with adjust.

Jiangsu spin enterprise is not exceptional also. Han Qinghua of deputy secretary-general of government of Jiangsu province people generalizes the current situation of current business with 3 notes and comments on Chinese poetry: "A few enterprise ' perky ' , quite one part enterprise ' pant ' , still have one part company ' cut off the gas ' . Still have one part company ' cut off the gas ' ..

Cold winter already came, numerous industry is seeking countermeasure, build what go up in low cost basis, develop the textile that rise in order to machine mode quickly still very. Spin clothing company this how is strong anything resembling a tendon or vein strong is bone fought " cold current " ? Many experts, entrepreneur is bred from pattern of change economy growth, brand, the many respects such as brand and culture confluence, own innovation and brand value promotion spread out to discuss ardently.

■ business modes of life and relation to their environment, step forward dimension difficult, changes in temperature knows oneself

"Be difficult! " almost the first word that all entrepreneur speak.

Jiangsu Chinese redbud spends Inc. of spin science and technology, it is Changshu the business that a major produces all sorts of corduroy, flax and cloth of of all kinds bounce, the product sells as far as to country and the area such as Europe, beautiful, day and southeast Asia. Nevertheless, liu Guozhong still uses this company president " step forward dimension difficult " the enterprise that 4 words will come to describe his.

"This year, the sale that Jiangsu Chinese redbud spends predicts to achieve 700 million yuan, but among them 5 sales of 100 million come from traditional textile. And this is however together close to 0 profit. Fortunately we return those who have a government to give aid to, predict 15 million yuan or so to be able to win national subsidy this year. Such, ability is protected help a few profit. " Liu Guozhong says.

"Eider down takes an expert " chief also tells a reporter related elegant deer group, arrived 1986 during 1996, it is eider down when taking an industry to had better make money. "Without the salesperson, a factory sells the clothes one sky. " but arrive after 2006, this kind of phenomenon makes the history.
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