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Of the industry tired: The that be troubled by makes? waiting for coil up smoo

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Of   spin dress tired: High-end product does not sell give high price

Enterprise of cap of countrywide dress shoe shuts many 70 thousand this year -- the data that a chief newspaper of elegant deer group gave a such heavy. He says, 2008, with " step forward dimension difficult " the clothing company that describes China has been been not at all.

1998, when elegant Lu Jin serves the market into eider down, the whole nation just brand of 33 eider down, the business makes an ammunition then. 2003, the business is too good 2005 did, almost whole industry comes " insert one leg " , when highest peak, brand of countrywide eider down exceeds 500, but after money is tightened up this year, the eider down of 70% took an enterprise to be not done. He thinks, a year be of vital importance next year, the enterprise cannot be produced blindly, fight closely of person of the same trade, want to save actual strength as far as possible, wait after shuffling, the brand strides a stride less again.

The market is small fan, many clothing companies choose to carry high yield to taste additional cost. Keyue amounts to Zhu Ruhua of spin group general manager to discover he is immersed in odd group however, high-end product also does not sell give high price.

Everybody knows to want transition, it is too difficult to can promote high-end new product. For instance, the technology of product of some high end, be in Euramerican very popular, then their company introduces this device, the fabrics that production comes out is very good, but the downstream technology such as domestic printing and dyeing does not follow to go up however, be forced oneself are perfect and downstream, devoted and tremendous. Solved manufacturing problem, the sale encounters difficulty again, high-end product is faced with the strong impact of cheap product in the move.

He is in bemused: It is high-end equipment after all too good, be still the market is development insufficient?

A favourable turn searchs in the crisis: Let us change a train of thought

Without stannic city the first cotton spinning knits a factory year on exit cloth 100 million yuan, factory director Li Guangming says: "5% of China, face Woerma such big client, even if gain is again small,we or toughen one's scalp-brace oneself are done. Since by be driven to join the Liangshan Mountain rebels, can you change a train of thought? Can you change a train of thought??

Think over, eider down is taken sell did not move, high-end product does not sell give high price, still have the reason of a deeper administrative levels, give the body that is in him enterprise to go up. Everybody oversight a big question: When product economy times already was passed. Last centuries 60 time, spin industry is a center with production, 70, 80 time are a center with the sale, no matter use what way, can sell go. And now, a times that is a center with the client comes. Spin industry should study, the client consumes a concept to be in how to change. Otherwise, the day is even sad go down.
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