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The eider down that defeat solution takes company stock predicament

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  occupies statistic of national statistic bureau, last year, our country eider down takes crop to be 230 million, import 640 thousand, export 52.9 million, with this computation, our country eider down takes apparent consumption to be controlled for 180 million. And measure according to appraise of the personage inside course of study, because suffer warm winter effect, our country eider down took inventory to be controlled for 80 million last year, according to market unit price 250 yuan are calculated, countrywide eider down takes inventory to be controlled for 20 billion yuan about.   

Actually in recent years, because suffer effect of warm winter climate, eider down takes home to sell area to narrow relatively, the country consumes opposite also lag, the market did not get be developinged completely. And the in successive years that eider down takes a trade is malign compete, make industry profit year after year is reduced, eider down takes the market to be in the pattern that seeks for be more than.   

Last year " warm winter " add numerous medium and small businesses to follow suit blindly enter, make eider down is taken this year produce a division many product keep long in stock, eider down takes the market to give battle of present price case and low dumping again. As we have learned, the rate of produce and sale that the main eider down such as Jiangsu took medium and small businesses yield a division last year is only 30% the left and right sides, lower even. The inventory of these keep long in stock, major concentration is in in a popular style, medium on product of famous brand of cheap, blame.   

Occupy the personage inside course of study to analyse, eider down takes the main reason that market stock forms, besides warm last year winter, still produce gross out of control to concern with the enterprise. Additional, at present eider down of our country home market takes sale channel to be given priority to with acting distribute, style design is given priority to with imitating, foreign brand enters the factor such as high-end market also is the main reason that causes a large number of stock.   

In fact, warm winter is eider down takes occurrence inventory and slow-moving objective account only, subjective reason is to produce an enterprise to take the market to anticipate to eider down too hopeful.   

Having lookinging after the sale that domestic eider down served the market 2005 is hot, the business that entered eider down to serve the market 2006 abruptly grow in quantity, the business that a few former a future life produce the blame eider down such as recreational outfit take a product and foreign brand also are joined come in. Compare on one year, eider down of enterprise of above of our country dimensions took crop to grow 48% to control compared to the same period 2006, additional, a few enterprises enter the eider down that is not familiar with formerly blindly to serve the market, did not undertake sale of small lot trial production and market plan, market feedback is not seasonable, the way that support singles fights alone enters the market, these bring about a few eider down to take an enterprise to be produced blindly, cause a large number of stock.   
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