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The eider down that defeat solution takes company stock predicament

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Next, our country major eider down takes manufacturing company to be given priority to with acting distribute, the network that basically relies on an agent undertakes spreading money, the information that agent of pure support each district provides a few companies, spread money measure certainly, the enterprise trusts the agent delivers goods with exceeding the scale with multiple imprest blindly, bring about inventory to jump.   

In the meantime, a few in small eider down takes an enterprise to be fond of copy edition, imitate, more do not talk to go up product design design, lack enterprise oneself competition ability; On the sale, undertake desperately " oppose seasonal sale " wait for low sales compaign, not only the market that oneself serve the market very hard to had had in the eider down of intense competition, and still affect a few large eider down of domestic that had become dimensions to take a company, make these mainstream bibcock brands are killed on home market by its.   

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