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The go type of clothing company manages

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The most exquisite overall situation is watched in   go, each pace chess and every time are decision-making should attach most importance to with overall situation, at the moment or local increase is admittedly significant, but often must want sacrifice for whole or long-term interest the interest before. The purpose that overall situation watchs has only, for final victory, this is the target of exclusive pursuit.

Management clothing company also is such, want to overall situation watchs the ground to control cost, pursuit increase is the biggest change. It is the market covers face go ahead of the rest occasionally, it is the brand starts style in advance formerly occasionally.

It is easy that overall situation outlook says, but should do big favorable overall situation outlook is too difficult however, overall situation view asks we are right above all current enemy my situation does a comprehensive analysis, the change of prospective chess bureau should foretell in the meantime, this is opposite among them the evolution of chess bureau of future or forecast often more important, the one pace chess that is about to play because of you is for follow-up increase of the service.

To get long-term interests, often should pass abandon child will sacrifice current interest, to hold first confidential is with on the offensive first and prevent the other side to take off first. Authorities person fan, the onlookers see most clearly. The person that have authorities only can come with the common heart of spectator consider the situation, ability holds bureau of general trends a draw in chess to move toward truly quite.

For instance for the progress with abiding and great brand, the brand holds dish of hand probable bank drops a few heat to sell, but the pattern that has deviate with brand style however, to can control the cost of overall kinds or types of goods, the brand reduces the level of fabrics unit price probably.

The overall situation view in dress business management reflects the balance that manages 3 element in the brand to go up, administrative process wants the end that books according to the brand namely, fall to achieve each target successfully in all sorts of existing natural resources and condition. Should manage each element to have comprehensive analysis and knowledge to the brand because of this brand manager.

The risk of dress brand runs the another point system that overall situation watchs now in the process, the risk manages even if need project supervisor can beforehand the element of all blame determinism that separates separate out to affect project goal, adopt relevant precautionary measures ahead of schedule, throw prevention cost to the incident of uncertainty, these are decision-making more above the assurance that reflects brand whole success.

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