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The change outside spin clothing company need not panicky

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  orders a large number of move of one-way China as international spin dress, I saved textile to experience to produce the course that can expand quickly. But new trend of eye the next is, for angle cost flat, many foreign enterprises in succession change is gone to Vietnam. Nevertheless, yin Guoxin of vice-chairman of chamber of commerce of imports and exports of textile of president of morning breeze group, China thinks, japanese market still values China, spin clothing company does not want because of temporarily order move excessive panic.

Vietnam market grows very fast but proportion is very small

Adding up to Tian Shen is " fiber NEWS " Shanghai branch branch is long. He says, japanese market is a very slashing market. Retail trade competition is intense in recent years, the profit of Japanese firm drops considerably, from China product of entrance spin dress pursues low case above all. In addition, still go after small lot, short date of delivery, high quality. And rise as price of Chinese labor cost, raw material wait for element influence, these ask to be satisfied hard. Accordingly, japanese enterprise is dispersive investment risk, build a plant in the other country investment such as Vietnam, India, Thailand in succession. "China is added one " a kind of trend that already made Japanese industry.

Add up to cropland to express, "China is added one " since strategy is carried out, vietnam market grows very fast, but the proportion that holds in Japanese import market is very small still. The spin dress product that imports from China is occupied 85% , vietnam is occupied only 3% .

Chinese integrated advantage cannot be replaced

Many Japanese industries express, no matter be southeast Asia or other area, have hard in produce what can go up to place on a par with China with the advantage such as industrial catenary. Regard Japanese market as base of big batch supply, have China only.

Analysis joining field says, the first it is industrial dimensions capacity finite. Dimensions of 80 million population mixes Vietnam only Jiangsu province comparatives, cannot carry on move of market of all Japan business. The 2nd it is the breed restriction that technical element creates, production of Vietnam yarn, fabrics still lags behind quite, do not have the productivity that machines one continuous line from face expect tailor, can produce the product with the not quite expensive epidemic such as suit of uniform, coverall, male only at present, manufacturing fashionable dress is not actual still.

Yin Guoxin analysis says, chinese advantage is not pure already it is manufacturing cost, the put together that props up with catenary of technology, industry however compounds this advantage. Through effort of 30 years, our country already was formed arrive from spinning, weaving, printing and dyeing the whole industry catenary of dress, commercialize degree highest, form a complete set is the most complete. More what is more,the rather that, the price is fixed by supply demand relations, if go after low purchase business to swarm into Vietnam, purchase an amount one big, price nature went up.
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