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Domestic cotton spot market lasts low confuse sale price to drop quickly

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  last week (in September 8-12 day) the whole nation advocate Shandong, Henan is divided in producing a division outside specific area, cotton already all cracked a bell, heat of light of division of greater part cotton is enough, be helpful for cotton cracking bell opening of bolls, new cotton plucks the quantity increases somewhat, enterprise driving a balance also somewhat grow in quantity, each produce cotton province to all new cotton appears on the market. As sale price glide ceaselessly, buy quantitative grow in quantity, seed cotton bought the price to also appear small drop, among them inland of price of 3 class seed cotton 2.9 yuan / or so jins, xinjiang municipality 2.7 yuan / or so jins, corps 2.6 yuan / or so jins. On September 10, municipal hair changes Xinjiang appoint consider each respect factor integratedly, release Xinjiang class of 2008 year level (328) medium staple cotton consults the price is 600 yuan / load (3 yuan / jin) , grade price difference is led 2% , length price difference is led 1% . But in be bought actually, one class cotton is at present far also did not reach this price. Because buy the price and expectation cost gap bigger, psychology of carry out of cotton grower cherish is heavier; Those who sell the market is low fan make machine an enterprise to be put generally in wait-and-see psychology, already start working enterprise also is the kind that takes speed to go out quickly, in order to accelerate capital turnover rate, reduce management risk.

Continuance of domestic cotton spot market is low confuse weak force structure. Total office of national statistic bureau and customs announces data showed related textile industry and spin exit in August, textile industry increases the spin such as outlet of clothing of crop of value, main textile, textile kind index amplitude is reduced further. Bombazine market continues to sell fatigued and weak, prices is low fan, spin enterprise reduces raw material inventory, purchase apiration to drop, domestic cotton price continues to drop. Last weekend, index of Chinese cotton price (CCIndex328 class) it is 13247 yuan / ton, relatively last week 5 drop 128 yuan / ton, drop relatively before a week is increased once more. Suffer a dollar to continue to reach global economy by force to add fast the influence that puts delay further, price of futures of international heavy goods drops in the round, international cotton spot price and in pairs of case of commodity price of florescence of new York cotton drop. Import cotton price index from China (FCIndexM class) in light of, although price of cotton of inside and outside goes situation is endless and same, but price difference keeps stabler from beginning to end, lose RMB value by 1% custom duty among them under home price of 328 class cotton a few yuan, fold 328 class cotton of home of the corresponding period of RMB price prep above by slippery standard tax 400 multivariate, nearly a few months also hold entrance cotton amount inferior level, imported cotton in August 187 thousand tons, relatively the corresponding period decreased last year nearly 3 into.
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