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Of dress brand sale channel " straight battalion break out of an encirclement "

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  is in the dress bound 2008, the statement that provides force most is not " commercial pattern innovates " not belong to.

From ITAT " iron triangle mode " the online sale to PPG, from beautiful Tesi Bangwei fictitious the bird of traitor announce good news that manages lukewarm city mode, without the innovation that is not support trade pattern, realize the promotion of brand value. The kind that clothing company some carries catalog or Internet is managing the cost that opens hypostatic store, get on this cost move to advertisement, initiate dress online sale mad tide; Some uses other clothing company to be his custom-built production establishs long-term cooperation relationship, oneself take the route of management brand, use concessionary chain to manage mode, they change commercial pattern ceaselessly; Some is right research and development of construction of property right structure, system and brand design, product and sale network undertake mode innovates, complete household company the evolution to public company.

The essence that commercial pattern innovates is the innovation of sale channel. In numerous sale channel, mode of straight battalion inn accepts the favour of domestic dress brand fully.

Straight battalion benefit is much

Dress production company opens straight battalion inn to be able to act as agent through shortening directly catenary, reduce acting administrative levels, promote the ultimate control to selling terminal force, win taller profit get one's own back thereby, be helpful for making quick response to the feedback of consumer, the evaluation system that is helpful for an enterprise installing the supplier such as treatment to kimono of fabrics, complementary makings undertakes be perfectinged further, make serve a standard to get refining, supply chain management to begin to refine direction to transfer to essence of life from extensive type, conduce to the company control to product quality.

Clothing company preference of Ning Bo opens straight battalion store in flourishing commercial block. Wang Mingfeng of vise general manager of Inc. of peaceful wave waxwing tells a reporter: "The occurrence of straight battalion inn changed the sale pattern that is dominant with entering bazaar and supermarket before, what concentrated sale site promoted a company the product not only is famous degree, still bring brilliant sale outstanding achievement to the enterprise. Because the position is centered,was not affected. Because the position is centered,was not affected..

Waxwing dress is broken before one city one inn, expand one city much store, it is one street much store even.

Current, waxwing female outfit is enraged in peaceful wave person most of flourishing shop recreational land " day one square " the retailing shop that owns 3 on 1000 square metre, gross area amounts to 3000 much square metre, and apart does not cross 100 meters between each brand shop. Such imposing manner, be in not only Ning Bo, be in ground of group of industry of Chinese other city, other garment repeatedly also is peerless. In Ning Bo " day one square " , taking a few steps is waxwing, taking a few steps again is waxwing. Waxwing uses pressure principle, bring up group dominant position, although was weakened,make the same score annul, but drew consumer attention, periphery also is duplicating.
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