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Multiple industry affects the dress brand trade below

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The program that him   pursues dress brand also has 8 with management job, time of 9 years, can saying is the outbreak as course of study of Chinese dress brand period grow together. No matter be,be being returned in Beijing is now Guangzhou, I often chat together with the handler inside garment industry, the contact became much had some of feeling naturally also: The horizon of handler of major now dress inside course of study of more one's own profession of with a view to, no matter be the business management, routine content that managing still is oneself, although there can be some of transverse information contact inside course of study, but still lack very much to more knowledge and understanding.

Today's garment industry should be a more extensive knowledge field, if a few more Platonic word, the trade that also can say to still have a lot of is in around move garment industry is turning, with this one the dot formed different resource network for the center, be in jointly for dress this core is serving. And regard a dress as handler, had been a simple executant no longer, in working process inevitable meeting involves the work that plans as a whole to decision-making, program and resource, at this moment it is slow that his horizon and intellectual face will decide ongoing pace is fast, different or it is right wrong still.

His Shan Zhishi can attack jade, here we can talk about the resource that what industry is devoting him for dress, also can saying is the future that what industry manages influence dress brand:

Course of study of financial negotiable securities;

As Chinese clothing company by small greaten, manage by area turn into entire market is outspread, the demand of capital is stronger and stronger. Complete to having the dimensions that supplies chain enterprise, no matter be,shop resource is gotten to go up to need many capital to undertake help in later period market, although pass chain to join in management form can alleviate the cost expenses of the enterprise, but to hoping to have core competition ability and the brand company of strong management actual strength character, the asset sth used to one's own advantage that has oneself just is crucial. Accordingly, we can see in last few years of dress brand enterprise appear on the market amount and appear on the market dimensions is increasing, have fir of 7 wolves, Yageer, fir far these enterprises, close resemble bird of announce good news, Li Ning and the beautiful Tesibangwei that just hang out his shingle waiting for a brand.

The company appears on the market can saying is collect capital, enlarge one of methods with enterprise the most effective dimensions. 100 beautiful appeared on the market in Hong Kong 2007 later immediately market prise turns into 66.2 billion, subsequently clever beautiful, beautiful treasure, Fila, dark in amounting to the bosom that buys oneself. But no matter be Shanghai city of China or deep city, and the good actual strength that the security market such as foreign Hong Kong or United States manages to the enterprise (brand value, market has rate, profit to contribute ability to wait) with soft actual strength (group management major is spent, stability, the brand appreciates latent capacity) the key that is check. the dress handler that regards us as these much, if one day our boss tells us: Hope company appears on the market. At this moment how should we do? Original knowledge and ability can maintain existing working position, but after working direction and purpose course differentiate afresh, our can you still achieve this goal quite? I had seen handler of a few dress, they fall in the dawn before the company appears on the market, because of them to standardization appear on the market the enterprise runs mode not familiar, incommensurate, the higher income that how stimulates capital market through having the job to the enterprise does not understand, won't do, the development strategy that cannot put forward suit quite to the boss of the enterprise plans and be regarded as disability...
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