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Shenzhen daughter installs enlightenment of success of fictile of industrial are

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  Shenzhen special zone regards Chinese reforming and opening as the earliest city, in economy construction and system innovation respect take advanced side from beginning to end, through development of nearly 30 years, had designed the front row that waits for a domain to go in the whole nation in pharmacy of electronic communication, contemporary home appliance, biology, dress, especially while Shenzhen has done industry of new and high technology to develop a program, still take dress seriously very jewelry of design, gold, contemporary furniture, pack presswork, the mould is made, the development of the traditional culture industry such as news medium. Face 21 centuries, economy of Shenzhen city clench knowledge and the favorable opportunity that originality fashion industry comes, make very fashionable originality and tie of traditional industry posture, the force that uses area brand comes to ecbolic Shenzhen the transition of the industry such as female outfit upgrades, additional cost and brand contain the product that will increase fashionable originality property ceaselessly with this Troy.

For this, shenzhen municipal government adopts the way that retains expert of program of countrywide well-known trademark to help Shenzhen city take the lead in undertaking fictile of brand of female outfit area develops a program, will guide Shenzhen with area brand transition of industry of implementation of 2300 clothing company and product upgrade, additional cost and brand contain the product that the force that uses area brand will come to promote Shenzhen vogue female outfit ceaselessly Troy.

The municipal government of time help Shenzhen that Beijing gold needs heart economy managed an academy to use nearly 8 months is engaged in future of female outfit industry 5 years the development program of area brand, circumstance of acknowledge of the market sale status that in the whole nation the 100 many bazaar of 20 many cities hold to Shenzhen daughter, consumer, agency management circumstance had thorough investigation and study, the real case that sale of the technology design that made us seasonable master Shenzhen daughter to install in the survey of the consumer of many nearly 20 thousand different type, production and market manage, in the light of design of Shenzhen female outfit novel, green vigor, vogue shines beautiful with the characteristic with excellent charge for the making of sth. , the directiveness that the area brand construction that 5 years in the light of future Shenzhen daughter holds put forward many 80 to have fundamental value and constructive program opinion, drew up contain Troy very tall " brand of area of industry of Shenzhen female outfit came to developed overall planning 2012 2008 " , after the program faces a society to be released formally, the conduct propaganda of numerous media of the affirmation that got guild of dress of association of textile industry of national industry and informatization ministry, China, China and whole nation reports, promoted Shenzhen daughter to install area brand to be in greatly domestic and international famous spend and brand force.
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