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B2C network sale should pay attention to detail

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  as Internet arisen, network sale has appeared in commercial operation by it is important to be, each enterprise is wanting how to use a network to extend his product. The enterprise of generation builds a station the medium and small businesses that personal classics popularizes certain arrangement of ideas. The means that uses price of search engine contest had sufferred the bad-mouth of numerous practitioner. Buy the membership of website of B2B electron business affairs, build B2C electron business affairs to sell all sorts of kind such as platform oneself already by each enterprises gradually place is hep. After all ability of which kinds of means obtains ideal sale result? The answer is: Had done not have, be opposite only.

According to company product different, those who consume a group is different adopt ability of what kind of network sale means to obtain favorable result. Should rely on practice to go textual research.

We look first, if the B2C shirt of day all one's life is sold continuously,go up in the network at present, the first enterprise PPG that eats crab first incisively and vividly of B2C mode deductive, also obtained in the market not the achievement of common. But the sale cost that relied on the sale that planar advertisement and network advertisement support to decide it will be exorbitant. Get on this in B2C shirt market at present once B2C shirt old has withdrawn house second line. What this reacted the logion of an Internet is done the earliest adequately is not certain be a success.

While PPG gains a success, had had one large quantities of shirt enterprises and Internet are veteran staring at this burgeoning cake. Bird of report success of traditional clothing company in Internet veteran Tian Jian guides those who issue get up on one's hind legs to reduce B2C shirt market. And rely on obtain to the understanding of Internet not the achievement of common. VANCL of brand of another B2C shirt falls in age plan, the closest limelight strong, faint the first an ancient folding chair that had held B2C shirt market to rise newly.

Pass ceaseless innovation, fall into disuse, each industry can leave the company before a few ranks lean quite, what are they to rely on to be in what intense market wins out in competition? Must say detail here. Sale of B2C electron business affairs, rely on advertisement to collect the person vital energy with much website first, but how does the person enrage changeover to be sale? Of detail pay attention to a magic weapon that must saying is a success.

In the network shopping flow looks, the first pace is to carry ad of course or the B2C that all sorts of channel enter a business sells terrace continuously, at this moment the webpage of the enterprise is beautiful degree. How can find the product that oneself admire in the heart, from convenient in light of angle, the first fixed position that should understand company product, namely the consumptive crowd of the product is which group, must do thorough research to this one group, to their consumption level, the assurance that consumes the ingredient such as the habit becomes a network to sell a success not 2 a magic weapon.
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