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Spin garment industry urgently brand break out of an encirclement

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Festival just just crossed   mid-autumn before long, but to industry of Chinese spin garment character, rustling cold winter comes already however. In before 8 months of 8 years, export of accumulative total of Chinese textile dress increases 9 percent only, relatively glided last year more than 10% , in global economy fatigued and weak, demand puts the background of delay, what Chinese textile dress exports is low confuse voice to fear will still lasting.

Fall firewood, cut down the member of persons employed to reduce cost the most immediate step

For managing cost hibernate, company of numerous spin clothing chose to fall firewood, cut down the member of persons employed wait for direct manpower cost to cut down method. Undertake be comparatived compared to the same period with the newspaper in this year, two city of deep Shanghai in company of 80 spin clothing, have 30 " pay worker and the cash that pay for the worker " drop compared to the same period, specific gravity is as high as 37.5% ! Among them, a of the coronal in ST drops from 25 million yuan 2 million yuan, fall achieve 90.86% ; China couplet accuses fall 13 million yuan, drop extent is 65.97% ; Oriental market falls 26 million yuan, drop extent is 58.03% ; Hua Sheng stock falls 32 million yuan, drop extent is 55.55% .

One string strings together shocking number to make popular feeling cold, appear on the market company even is such, where is that numerous medium and small businesses? According to dress 100 ability network ( gave heat a few days ago " current situation of fulfil of firewood of person with ability of Chinese garment industry was investigated 2008 " , spin garment industry eliminates a few post outside, the firewood of majority post proposes a toast show different rate glide trend, the state allows popular feeling concern.

Cold winter road is boundless, he Ri is an end

Many spin clothing companies all appeal governmental inflict aids, the help is spent " cold winter " . And near future government also has many measure to fulfil truly come down, it is callback of rate of drawback of outlet of partial textile clothing above all two percent, make the export difficult position of spin dress be able to of certain level alleviate; Next the Central Bank announced recently, since September 16, reduce a RMB to borrow money standard interest rate and in reserve of deposit of RMB of small finance orgnaization is led (this also is close will 4 years be reduced first one year period loan interest rate, deposit reserve is led is close more will 9 years reduce) first, meaning in give aid to medium and small businesses... add marine this year price to do not have ascendant evidence, let an enterprise loosen a little at long last at a heat.

Just, in global economy fatigued and weak, demand puts the background of delay, the exit drawback rate that two percent move on just helps general commerce export an enterprise to lengthen transfer period (the range that adjusts this involves the 50-56 in customs duty bugle call, 59-63 in all the commodity of 12 chapters, did not enclothe) of all spin product. And " two rate " reduce the capital pressure that also can reduce spin dress employment on short-term and certain level only and financial cost, not can from go up at all inadequacy of change export demand, sale in domestic market is added fast put delay and manufacturing cost to rise wait for an element.
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