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Clothing company brand instigates apocalyptic

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  makes the earnest wish that his brand is Chinese garment industry all the time, also be Chinese clothing company and entrepreneur people the focus that long for day and night and pays close attention to. But, watch the current situation of Chinese garment industry instead, we discover a such problems via regular meeting, it is president of company of a lot of clothing, his plant may be very big, but speak of construction brand, always be deep feeling myriad " it is difficult to make clothing, it is more difficult to make dress brand " . Since the competition ability of a brand, decided an enterprise in the market competition ability. To this, we must the whole garment industry below setting of globalization of get to the bottom of, the brand that is Chinese garment industry builds the road of the progress with better seek.

See future through the current situation

As the acceleration of the propulsion of market economy and process of global economic integration, after many rounds of competition that the Chinese market after 90 time is in 20 centuries to wait through quality, price, had entered the phase that the brand competes in the round. However, review domestic and international active situation, we discover Chinese dress brand develops a situation to be fond of care half not hard.

From the history macroscopical in light of, marks&Spencer made a brand in England 1884, fly for economy of global first time write down footnote; Gap lay fallow in American development masses 1969 the market, economy of the whole world after complying with World War II anabiosises brings consumptive demand; 1996, uniqlo rises abruptly sadly in Japan, be move of resource of the economy below new economy condition show in explanation. Economic resource is the same as resource of other organisms' habits same, using up ceaselessly with move, "Sun rises sunset " the normal that also is global economy progress. China's tremendous market potential and breathtaking development speed, make common people has reason look focusing east, make it becomes next sun to rise the place since. 21 centuries, the zoology world that the place before the acceleration of global unifinication already brought the dress brand of each country did not encounter, native land advantage of China, resource advantage is being changed ceaselessly in the process of internationalization, come for years " China is made " accumulate had been " China is created " should carry thin hair laid solid foundation, oriental this production big country has gotten ready in new the implementation in round zoology changes rises abruptly.

From reality microcosmic in light of, the diligent and conscientious that Chinese garment industry comes to 30 years is cultivated, whole production technological process had been accomplished it seems that " all things is had " . Raw material respect, we should thank the vast territory and abundant resources of the motherland, raw material to us not be a problem; Engineering capability criterion more need not wordy, before before long Burberry shut his formally to be in England Weierside the factory of the area, begin to move to China; Content sheds a respect, china has built fluid of complete sea land empty to fasten, assured very fundamental to garment industry speed condition; Will be designed namely again, cannot dare not or would not speak up, design ability of China is in the bottleneck that goes up to had become garment industry to develop somehow, but Jing colourful Paris of Cong Xiefeng goes to the Germany after watching Wan Saifan female outfit to release the call at sb's house of Schwartze of chairman of spin dress Joint Industry Conference pays a visit, from global industry map macroscopical in light of, oriental design also begins to rise abruptly sadly. Besides, we discover not hard also, clothing company arrives through 80 time 90 time, 90 time and 21 centuries shuffle 3 times, made kimono of a lot of brand of Chinese native land dress hold a company, and have the limelight of very much native land brand exceeded entrance brand, begin to have dominant place in Chinese market, acquired more favorable market position. No matter be the circle of elegant dagger Er,the ground moves, the brand diversity that still is fir fir develops, or the brand of the sports sale that is 7 wolves and beautiful Tesibangwei is fictitious manage, experience sale of the white-collar, prove a brand to will start round of new revolution in the industry undoubtedly, the rise abruptly way that we also can feel Chinese brand has been spread it seems that.
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