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The commercial pattern of ZARA of analytic dress tycoon innovates

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    ZARA is virgin 1975, brand of its since dress, also be the chain store that specializes in Zara brand dress retail brand. Zara company holds to him to have with operation almost all principles that interlink inn network, the plant that throws many capital him construction at the same time and content fluid are, in order to facilitate " the demand that 5 finger capture a client, palm of additionally 5 finger controls production " , answer market demand quickly, offer for the client " the fast fashionable dress that can afford " .  

A the way of Zara brand can say is fashionable dress industry additional kind, in brand of traditional top class dress and masses dress intermediate develop a new style or a new method of one's own started quick style (Fast Fashion) mode. As quick style (the appearance of course of study of one big main trend that Fast Fashion) makes fashionable dress trade, zara brand also times suffer praise highly, have person for " the Dai Er computer in fashionable dress industry " , also somebody evaluates his to be " the Si Woqi watch of fashionable dress industry " . 2005, zara is in the whole world 100 the most valuable the brand is medium a row 77, haing Buddha business school provides Zara brand assess most for Europe the brand that studies value, warton the example that the business school regards Zara brand as research prospective manufacturing industry. Zara leads future the company of the trend as, peremptory the surveyor's pole that makes fashionable dress industry.

Tycoon of brand of dress of a few international knows perfectly well Zara fierce, learn not to come namely, be not imitated. Why? Because of Zara is the innovation of commercial pattern system that is core to be a foundation in order to supply control of catenary whole journey with fast and fashionable clothing, this also is the crucial place that Zara succeeds.

One of innovation of Zara trade pattern: The lock decides individuation to consume demand

The depended on it holding individuation to consume trend with the most fundamental success of Zara.

In traditional industry, of mass production coessential change a product to be able to be relied on only cheap will attract customer, in order to earn scanty profit, but did not consider consumer to satisfying oneself personalized product is to be willing to pay high price, and this is the client target that Zara lays.

Zara trade pattern innovates: Offer " extraordinary " , " unique " product value

"Breed is little, batch is big " the day that is traditional manufacturing industry, and be in " long end market " in, "The paragraph is larger small " become however when red commercial pattern. Zara with its " much style, small lot " , created the new model of long end market.

Zara is worth what most traditional business draws lessons from is, it is conciously in its product " production shortage " . Although it rolls out 12000 kinds of fashionable dress about in a year, but each amount is not large however. Even if popular design, zara also offers limited amount only, often be in a brand shop a design has two only, sold also do not fill goods. President Isla says: "We do not think everybody wears same dress. " as complement twice every week new goods, the habit that the company makes client nurturance often rambles.
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