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Let Chinese dress abduct enter " fashionable industry times "

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  earth is motion, the sun is motion, cosmic hour is in athletic condition. Is Chinese garment industry also such? From buy cloth to want by ticket card, place dress to spread out to ave lane, arrive again 1000 army exit of 10 thousand horses earns foreign currency, and enter 2008, when China greets the Beijing Olympic Games that attract worldwide attention, chinese garment industry also went a crossroad, with association of Chinese textile industry the word of chairman of Du Yu continent says was to arrive " inflection point " . Inflection point, abduct to where? This can be a thing the major topic that involves industry destiny. Regard Chinese spin dress as the most authoritative orgnaization of the industry, the answer that association of Chinese textile industry gives out is: Optimize industrial structure, drive an industry to upgrade. Without doubt, this is extremely correct and brilliant, already with the country macroscopical economic policy maintained height to agree, reflected the actual demand of garment industry again. But the practitioner that regards dress as course of study? ? The expert scholar that the policymaker of the enterprise, industry studies, still those spin dress already became the governmental officials of local pillar industry, if where,this macroscopical principle falls, does exploration give more specific and feasible way?   

Be in early when growth of dress already aid began to put delay last year, association of Chinese textile industry was sponsorred " fashionable originality space " activity, this activity will kick off again this year in October. Chairman of Du Yu continent points out, spin garment industry is in last year " fashionable originality space " such edificatory got after the activity: The innovation vigor of traditional industry needs change to develop pattern, the first it is the industry wants from labor concentrated model transform to technology intensive; The 2nd it is to want to innovate to transform to the compositive innovation of industrial catenary from onefold in the past product level, the 3rd it is the competition that changes more attention to blame price element from the competition that pays close attention to the price.  

Very apparent, prevent chairman already fashionable originality a such activities, with the industrial transition of entire industry sex connection arrived one case, enough causes us thoughtful.  

We know, dress uses heat preservation above all, this is it is served as light industrial the basic premise that the product includes manufacturing industry the category. However, the economy that through 30 years reforming and opening brings rises abruptly, china basically had solved problem of dress warmly and ear one's fill, dress is mere no longer for heat preservation, become reveal beautiful, pursuit vogue, establish self-confidence, the necessary step of human even association, business affairs communication? ? At this moment, dress had broken away from basic heat preservation attribute and had culture intention, make the branch range of culture industry? Fashionable originality industry.   
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