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What is Keyword of development of Chinese dress brand

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  China dress should develop, we need to design the promotion on not just, the brand manages the single-minded persistence that go up, the innovation on sale job and service, we need home of base oneself upon more, scan widely whole world, chinese and Western of be linked together of be in harmony, blossom Chinese culture, make ethical distinguishing feature, model brand loyalty, innovation sale activity.

What is the keyword of Chinese dress? It is a design, it is a brand, it is sale, be still innovation?

As Chinese reforming and opening ceaseless development of more than 20 years, china and world connection are ceaseless and close, a lot of commodity of China enter world each district. Can say, be in a lot of places, "China is made " everywhere is visible, sincere be like an American plaint: The life cannot leave China!  

Same, global commodity also blends in China ceaselessly, especially dress kind commodity, cosmopolitan brand or oneself are managed, hold water halt China orgnaization, enter each directly big market, or accredit China acts as agent. Should say, this kind of progress is great also the development that urged Chinese clothing company, but we must see now, at present hand-me-down of bazaar of a gleam of of city of Chinese a gleam of kind high-end brand, it is foreign brand entirely almost. No matter be bird of unlined upper garment of elegant Gore, unlined upper garment, announce good news,wait a moment, stay in home market, intermediate the state of the brand, the business side that has a lot of more still in the undesirable operation of deep-set inventory pressure.  

2007, CPI is elevatory very fast, but dress kind consumptive index fell however 1.2 % . Is this why? The personage outside course of study has undertaken for many times discussion inside, it is the design cannot be the same as Euramerican country to place on a par, it is the level that brand management cannot reach Euramerican nation, be still the brand management of deeper administrative levels and sale gimmick? Should say, these respects we learn to come to Euramerican country. The development of Chinese clothing company, want home of base oneself upon already, more want scan widely whole world, have such height and hope only, we just have more capacious development after all. Some day, our commodity ability enters French sweet a pavilion or house on a terrace beautiful abandon a highway, enter new York the 5th street, enter London Oxford market.   

On the design, we need with broad bosom, shanghe of sea offer universal time is popular, modest study, draw lessons from promotion, at the same time we should cherish China culture developed fruit 5000, dig ethical characteristic, blend in Chinese element, ethical is the world. We need rich to collect Chinese and Western, also want own innovation, with the world in all be in harmony, as medal of 2008 Olympic Games " gold sets jade " , give a person in order to find everything new and fresh, this is a medal that has Chinese distinguishing feature, such thing just is to give a person to leave deep impressional thing.  
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