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Of sale of dress brand incident " 7 kinds of weapons "

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  no less than Ai Reese place character, public relations the first, advertisement the 2nd. With respect to essence character, the rise of public relations the fall that price of the forfeiture of force of public letter of profit from advertisement, sex compares. The transmission of incident sale invests return rate to want outclass tradition ad, incident sale overseas gets all-time attention, more and more enterprises are in cut advertisement expense, in order to increase the devoted strength of incident sale. "Incident sale " the brand sale edge tool that serves as 39 batches of hoisting jack, also be being taken the attention that holds a company increasingly by home.

Alleged incident, it is the topic that shows the central issue that can pose a society to pay close attention to, masses cares, topic for discussion, alleged incident sale, it is an enterprise namely the society that uses these incident is dedicated degree, have oneself and event some kind of correlation is mixed bind, when participating in incident with consumer in media coverage thereby, achieve promotion company image and the goal that sell a product. The enterprise can participate in the focal topic that the masses pays close attention to, head oneself the center of the topic, cause media and popular attention from this; Also can engineer rich original activity through oneself, cause media or people attention.

"Incident sale " the edge tool of dress brand sale that serves as 39 batches of hoisting jack, its are applicable the object can be the 23 lines brand with finite actual strength already, can be the brand of a gleam of with abundant actual strength. The article is listed analysed a few kinds of common incident sale tools, undertake discussing with respect to the executive principle of incident sale and method.

Weapon one: "Star effect "

Dress brand use star has been become inside course of study as brand spokesman common, but can make full use of only the enough news effect ability that star brings counts real incident sale.

The Liu Xiang that gets attention fully gets hurt the heart that incident affects millions upon millions compatriots, when the Olympic Games draws near, as Liu Xiang main rival Luo Baisi achieves beautiful performance repeatedly, this makes the public attention to Liu Xiang is to achieve acme more. A of 8 years July 22 " circle in the air the team makes new war gown can save 0.02 seconds for Liu Xiang " news attracted many view, caused the netizen's extensive discussion. In fact, it is early before a few months about Nike Swift Suit the report of new fund kit already saw all home sign up for end, here when rake sth up, it is to be able to bear or endure apparently gram company uses central issue of masses public opinion, had very successful incident sale. In the content of science and technology that the gram was able to bear or endure to introduce this new product in detail in this press release and a lot of advantage, and the help that to Liu Xiang achievement may bring. Carry this incident sale, NIKE promoted the image that regards high-end major as athletic brand in consumer memory effectively.
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