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Zhou Chengjian: A tailor grows the secret that is entrepreneur

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Before   before long, ying Zhoucheng builds president invite attended Shanghai United States spy A of Inc. of Si Bangwei dress appear on the market ceremony. I am mixed building is business school of the Yangtse River head period the classmate of CEO class, I am watchmaker one's previous experience, into building is sartorial one's previous experience, teacher play says to build this president to should explain for total tailor.

I am built than becoming rectify two years old greatly, it is unripe in April. Into build like me, had had one's early years to do poineering work suffer a defeat the experience that within an inch of cannot cross a body. I am to repaired the return to one's native place after the first pail of gold to run a horological fittings plant, the result does a factory to suffer a defeat, the watch that build a clock is earned extinct, still owe the debt with not small amount. Into building also is such, 20 years old he what just came forward ran plant of a dress in home town, as a result factory of the clothing after two years closes down, he carried many yuan 20 debt on the back accordingly.

I entered cable industry later, he still chooses to stay in garment industry however, do poineering work 2 times, outstanding have. Go up month, the beautiful country dress that he founds single-handed appears on the market successfully in Shenzhen, open quotation share price goes up greatly namely 50% , individual fortune passes one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight. To entrepreneur, fortune passed fixed number, also be a number merely just. Ask about fortune when somebody the meaning to him, he says " I love this industry! " , this should be a tailor grows the real secret that is entrepreneur.

In those days he of a suit debt, principal property is craft of a suit tailor. But under, be entered alone from home town green cropland swing, apply for a job after passing a chain of be rebuffed, a boss took a fancy to his craft, promise to receive this youth to do a tailor. Zhoucheng proposes special to the job of this hard-earned effort, sometimes one day works 16 hours more even, because too overworked, break handgrip once one whole batch entire section of business suit arm became short, the loss of this one error near tens of 10 thousand yuan. Face the boss of agitatedly, build the 2nd crisis in facing life. Situation is urgent under, into build changed business suit arm jacket arm simply, also became other place alter accordingly. Through so change, this batch of goods became salable production actually.

Confirm of this head off a danger the crisis is the truth that discover in hazardous condition and holds good luck. Of course the success that this changes results from of recreational business suit arisen, but sex of the look up before the acumen observation that does not have pair of markets is mixed is instinctive, it is to be become hard accidentally inevitable. Becomes because of the fault Cheng Jianjian decided the confidence that does poineering work again, in temple of lukewarm city clever fruit type of the factory after the inn before country's biggest at that time this one costume terminal market began does poineering work 2 times, several years a primitive accumulation that accumulates next further progress while, realize went out " dress does not have what core competition ability on the technology, core competition ability is a brand " , founded 1994 beautiful Tesibangwei is own brand, through fictitious manage enlarge capital quickly. Rise abruptly quickly of beautiful Tesibangwei the core competition ability that depended on holding dress job, that is a brand, control fluctuation to swim through the brand next, the downstream strategy on things card control is used into the word that build to say is two action, this two action are " lend chicken unripe egg " (the production that decide a brand) and " borrow a net to fish " (concessionary chain is managed) . because such, controlled successfully " big and complete " brought big devoted risk, because this kind invests the investment that is expensive indebted type, once macroscopical unripe change, risk uncontrollable. Found brand, control fluctuation to swim through the brand, this is the tall state of commercial pattern, a lot of people think make it, and into establish make it meritorious service, this becomes the commercial wisdom that build namely. Without first time failure does not have the show resourcefulness in an emergency in error the 2nd times, without becomes because of the fault good luck, the success of beautiful Tesibangwei won't come so quickly, look into 3 level that establish life be like correlation not quite, thinking carefully is a person that do poineering work however repair refine threefold to the life of entrepreneur.
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