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New clothing company competes: Brand strategy opportunity already arrived

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    " the industry that there is the setting sun on the world, the company that has the setting sun only " . The father complete Li of Carris says. Accordingly, he from " closer from money cast row " face about made dress line of business.

Zhou Shaoxiong of 7 wolves president points out, begin from 2004, garment industry of home begins to get of VC, PE chase after hold in both hands. Upsurge still is in continuance, our newspaper learns, some abroad VC just finished pair of dress domains last week the investment of an enterprise, full exercise of the Ceng She before this interlinks this VC brand. Some a few orgnaizations are right at the same time " brand passing s surname binds sale platform " investment also has neared end.

King Zhuo says secretary-general of Chinese clothing association, dress domain draws attention eye " most of concentration reflecting was 2007 " . One this year dress domain commerce changes like a rising wind and scudding clouds, appeared not only ITAT the innovation of this kind of commercial channels is typical, fir fir, Yageer (600177, ) , bird of 7 wolves, announce good news (002154, ) in waiting for dress of a few old brand to made bibcock enterprise also join the practice that commerce innovates, the beautiful Tesi Bangwei with concessionary management build up, with pure in brew new commercial conformity, even the traditional sale channel such as general merchandise is active also seek upgrades.

The report with negotiable securities the closest institute is cast to point out in, in domestic economy growth, city is changed advance, farmer consumption level rises and " population bonus " below 4 big impetus, textile dress future increases those who maintain 20% above 5 years rate. The personage inside course of study anticipates, capital is right of dress domain this kind is chased after hold in both hands will last 3-5 year. "If through Internet sale dress regards Pacific Ocean (601099, ) if, no matter be PPG, Vancle or Carris, it is a boat in this boundless only. " Quan Li says, many successor enters this field is the trend of development.

However the union of capital and garment industry also is not fine long hair trouble-free. Complete Li says Carris author, "I do not want VC to intervene. " he what oneself had made investment, think domestic major VC is remained now through " fatten " the goal that exit is achieved after the industry, "No matter be garment industry, still be network sale, need time to undertake fumbling in home " . Capital is in and include Nuo force of song of strange, Shenzhen is thought of, Beijing case model in waiting for a contact, encountered " refuse " .

"Costume market of China really very big, but the unpredictable sex of new arisen pattern is bigger also. " some VC personage says, they saw a lot of dress businesses that do network sale, did not cast finally. "Appear so like PPG manage and of flow control problem, it is investor to its only then expect do not. " afore-mentioned personages say, and after all what kind of person can have done such business, not affirmatory also now. "Is the experience of dress domain necessary? "Is the experience of dress domain necessary??
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