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Sale encounters how the enterprise that cross a boundary is faced

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Permeate between aggravate and industry and industry what   competes as the market each other increasingly with confluence, the agitation that crosses a boundary grows in intensity, "Cross a boundary " the confluence that represents manner of a kind of specific life and aesthetic way, represented Xin Rui, fashionable life attitude, cooperate through crossing a boundary, let originally the element with irrelevant fine long hair, permeate mutual be in harmony to meet each other, give a brand a kind of stereo feeling and depth sense thereby. So, when sale experience crosses a boundary, how should be run?

One, the definition steps group sale: Fight in coordination seek " 1 1 > 2 " the effect

Above all, step group sale, mean need to break traditional sale thinking pattern, avoid to fight alone, seek the partner inside blame course of study, develop the synergism of distinct category brand. Because when sale experience crosses a boundary, of need is to realize many brands to be explained from different point of view same an user feature.


Next, cross the basis that searchs to the partner in group sale strategy, be user experience is complementary, the functional sex with simple and rather than is complementary. OK and affirmative, the sale that cross a boundary and in recent years gradually the user of be current is agreed without prior consultation for sale concept of the center, be not accidental.

Thirdly, crossing what group sale faces is identical or similar consumptive group, when accordingly the company is thinking activity of the sale that cross a boundary, need consumes a group to make the market survey of detailed development to the target, analyse its to consume habit and brand to use a convention deep, as sale and the basis that transmit the job.

Its 4, step group sale, the enterprise to mutual collaboration, a lot of challenges posed on sale ability. Before the sale strategy of the enterprise, need to consider how to use the resource of good business oneself only, and because combine, the enterprise needs to consider how to be amended through strategic, be in with the partner in interacting, obtain resource to use the synergism that go up.

Finally, those who need an attention is, when the brand makes the one part that target consumer individual character reflects, this one character needs likewise and the other character that goes up personally coordinates target consumer, the other character of the element that avoids new infuse and consumer produces conflict, cause brand impressional disorder.

2, carry out the sale that cross a boundary: Around complementary develop an activity with the experience

Because step group sale it is to be based on brand itself and target consumption the impression of a kind of whole that contact and forms of group feature, accordingly, the enterprise is in operational course, need notes following factors:
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