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Snack dress strategy lets a sale become relaxed

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  one, the product is slow-moving arouse inspiration

Resign after the job, the dress that Li Yuying opens is wholesale not conspicuous, without special adornment, not as big as the area of others also, but her client is more than others. Dress jobber is very rare resemble Li Yuying such him designs, oneself are machined (or entrust treatment) , of mensurable production. Only by one antrum enthusiasm, a bit endowment, a bit hobby, add go to artistic institute technically the dress major knowledge of attend in a advanced studies, the dress pattern that she designs does not have the limitation of conventions, instead having a unique style, be less than 3 years, own 6 chain store namely. Locksmith of in succession, as a result of the position relatively beautiful and be regarded as example flagship store, these chain store are main with retail give priority to.

Should say, have the Li Yuying of retail experience, be being designed or still is market eye very much when choice dress design, but in peaceful peak dress wholesale city, what she wants faced competitor, it is to come from countrywide each district to reach east a few countries are in alliance the has actual strength most dress jobber that Nanning seeks progress, with " fast " the dress that is a characteristic is wholesale, the miserable intense that its compete depends on: Most once the dress of begin appears on the market, the following day likely exactly like copy board appeared. Board model can be counterfeited quickly, dress material is done not have so fast. It is good to want forestall to sell sold clothing, the market of upriver dress material that must join it also forestall is bought, let the jobber inaccessible although within sight that appetent copy risks. But the Li Yuying at that time is accomplished hard really in respect of capital actual strength, this makes she is designed in oneself, treatment (or entrust treatment) while production sells clothing, also pick the dress replenish onr's stock that has market perspective from other manufacturer or channel wholesale reach retail. Be in actually dress is wholesale the jobber of the city, besides dress wholesale all hold concurrently do retail.

Spring 2005, the cheongsam of popular a summer wear on primary our market, buy this kind of cheongsam hind with next not little amounts when Li Yuying, the market is abrupt and slow-moving, people begins to chase after again hold the short skirt that has another kind of pattern in both hands to come, together with when her replenish onr's stock impatient and inadvertent, there is 1/5 quality to have a problem in the cheongsam, pass on sacrifice unmanned also make inquires, the capital instant melt into thin air that projects, door inn and 6 chain store face management difficulty immediately. Every nearly 100 yuan cheongsam convert into money becomes cost 1 to 2 lose sale. Market change does not have foreboding, "Turn over a hand to be the cloud, fu hand is rain " , let Li Yuying very quickly find the arena that rotates from high speed to drop into Tartarean feeling.
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