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    [Milan] modern the pants that connect the garment

Today the brand of season Milan without number went out to connect the garment pants, tool that join system, the renown Yuan that does not work people tool of take turns dress attends all sorts of activities. The market has a demand, stylist people the infinite likelihood of money of tool of creation of natural cudgel one's brains for, besides originality of ceaseless on fabrics refresh: Silk, snow is spun, canvas, bull-puncher, bring completely different amorous feelings, new device also gives repeatedly on design, jacket has the alternate chalaza money of lingering, money that wipe a bosom, petal sleeve money to wait a moment. Of the choice your ripe female tender female fertilizer female thin female all can find a that when belong to oneself.

[Sydney] destroy marriage gauze to illuminate

Nowadays, be in Sydney the most popular is not perfect marriage gauze according to, however " destroy marriage gauze to illuminate " , when cameraman can suggest brides are filming marriage gauze is illuminated, do some destroy a movement. Marriage gauze of the bride is not drenched, it is loiter went up mud, be gone up to paint by besmear even. The brides of Sydney are very willing have a taste of what is just in season, this meeting lets them look more creative, dare to destroy be thought normally the most precious bridal souvenir -- marriage gauze. Although " destroy marriage gauze " listen go up cannot accept, but in individual character consummate today, still a lot of new personality are willing to try.

[London] priestess is dressed up

As the Olympic Games warm up ceaselessly, london fashion group lifted to return to classic agitation strong. Fire of Olympic Games emperor collects ceremonially " Athenian priestess " the inspirational source that figure becomes fashionable masters. The grace that should explain priestess with contemporary method and holy, clipping is " the soul " , design of tall waist line spun private parts curve, have the effect of cultivate one's morality; The white with indicative exalted chasteness is first selection color. And honest nature, have the fabrics that skins texture to feel character, have extremely tall easy measurable, body revealed the sense that returns to nature.

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