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Element of China of brilliant opening ceremony leads Olympic Games dress style

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On the opening ceremony of Beijing Olympic Games August 8, enter when athlete of each country various places " bird's nest " , when the Olympic Games dress that sees they are being worn contains the design such as dragon of Chinese character, China, as the audience, we can feel kind all the more certainly with proud. In fact, "Chinese element " had made the mainstream style that leads an Olympic Games dress.

On August 5, the design concept experience that holds in place of brand of dress of a China is exhibited on, chinese dragon, lucky phoenix, Shui Yunwen, peony is red, these Chinese elements were applied in the design of Olympic Games dress. 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, brand of dress of this one China is divided outside sponsorring team of Chinese ping-pong team, fire, diving team, gymnastic team to wait for 4 to seize Jinxi to look at the largest contingent, still sponsorred the Olympic Games delegacy of two countries of Sweden, Spain, and the match dress of team of basketball of Sudan country track team, Argentine country. At the appointed time, the delegation of these countries will put on the Olympic Games dress that has Chinese color.

Although the dress of Canadian delegacy is not by China the company is designed, but this design inspiration that takes on behalf of the group comes from China in great quantities however.

The dress of Russia delegacy although thematic brightly shows an ethical mass-tone to move, but also did not forget to go up in the embroider on kit Chinese characteristic is bright " phoenix " , and " phoenix " figure appears again " 8 " glyph, it is the number of mascot He Jixiang of Chinese folk respectively.

Chinese character, had become the directest, also most expressive means of China. German delegacy took mount to add a Chinese character in much money designedly, for example has a competition the reverse side of special dress was written " Germany " two Chinese characters; Still have the short sleeve T-shirt that wears when an athlete is recreational at ordinary times, red printed above " dragon " design, still use below aureate writing " thank Beijing " 4 Chinese characters. The dress of New Zealand delegacy keeps the name that goes abroad his with the Chinese character in conspicuous place. The shirt front of American delegacy also is written have greatly " Beijing " two Chinese characters.

Romantic France does not lack innovation ideology, in the process that designs Olympic Games clothing, the French uses a " China is red " expressed the respect to Amphitryon implicatively, that bundle is the red chatelaine between sportswoman waist, be force and beauty more is perfect show.

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