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Big absorption Guo Fenggong alls over global vogue to encircle

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· of   China wind is red case


In August 2008, not only the look of the whole world because of Beijing Olympic Games focusing China, china also lets common people sidelong glance in the consequence on arena of international fashionable dress. Stylist of big shop sign people gifted for Chinese element once more new glamour, china is red ignite in international T stage, foolish condition but the panda of Ju is red all over global vogue to encircle.

This is top class stylist people the collective ceremony assist to China, let Chinese wind come up some more violently in T stage -- ,

And view 17 whole worlds ground of unprecedented of top class brand with " Chinese wind " give priority to a problem, the creation of the full of intense emotion that have.

"Chinese wind " design of top class fashionable dress admires international greatly (Style China 2008) attract eyeball, 17 international big shop sign is displayed for China on luxuriant gift.

The summer of 2008, not only the Olympic Games of look focusing Beijing of the whole world, china also lets common people sidelong glance in consequence of arena of international fashionable dress. Chinese element becomes the inspirational source of Great Masters once more, china is red light in T stage, this is stylist people the collective ceremony assist to China.

These are to be in the name with international fashion famous field: Giorgio Armani, Kenzo, Lancel, Gucci, Tommy Hilfiger, Versace, Sergio Rossi, Fendi, Salvatore Ferragamo, Celine, Dolce&Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli... global vogue vermicelli made from bean starch people be obsessed with for them. Big shop sign of these 17 international is the closest because of " Chinese wind " and unprecedented ground goes, design respectively and made (or a series) the work that provides Chinese amorous feelings, display for China went up a luxuriant gift.

This is by the whole world magazine of famous fashionable dress " fine person Marie Claire " establish " Chinese wind " design of top class fashionable dress admires international greatly, first large-scale with " Chinese wind " design an element as core, gathered together of the bend affection of 17 international tip stylist make.


Giorgio Armani is national flower expression of China on delicate vanity, dolce&Gabbana reflects Chinese complex with be permeated with China's red ancient picture impression; Donatella Versace is fundamental key with can reflecting the yellow of Chinese expensive gas and culture most, the design gives a luxuriant vanity; Roberto Cavalli created elegant formal attire skirt for inspiration with green flower; Kenzo is in 3 two short inside lunar time, design and make the cheongsam skirt that makes match well of a Chinese and Western.

Ivana Omazic of Celine originality chief inspector is in the design derive the button of a kind of Chinese-style jacket with buttons down the front in Chinese cheongsam. Ivana Omazic came to China first last year, beijing the Imperial Palace and Shanghai museum left deep impression to her, she is in extensive of the Imperial Palace grand the wonderful power that China felt before the building. This her unexpectedly chose red of gray and rather than to be moved for the mass-tone of the design, it is to behave mass-tone of Chinese contemporary architectural allegedly the grace of harmonic Paris.
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