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08 autumn winters wear outfit style: Elevation people

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Accompanying global climate calefacient, people is thought of to cold hiemal love perhaps can lovemaking fashionable dress comes be able to express. Those are in old and downy area the totem that nomadic dress inspiration became stylist to be drawn for wintry day. Who does brandish asperse ethical amorous feelings to have to you still can compare Anna Sui more be good at? Bud silk, pi Cao, 100 accept short skirt, wash cloth unlined upper garment... model people in wrap around a suit of armour is hanged in come on the stage, the string strapping eyebrow that nomad person dotes on still was tied even on the head. Dolce&Gabbana puts the emphasis on the grain appearance with depict gorgeous colour. In addition, knitting coat also is the good carrier of ethical wind, ralph Lauren and Stella McCartney knit rich and luxuriant old pattern directly go in, expressional city sends the most typical candid style of work.




1, too the nation of flowery is dressed up suit T stage, but do not suit real real life, perhaps you that classical brunet coat or trousers as it happens can be sent on use!


2, relaxing the eye that picks Pi Cao extensive a few, straightforward kid sheepskin, did not cut the goat hair of cloth with soft nap, not only the price can be accepted, solidder the fashionable color that shows you.

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