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2008 doting China elements

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  Olympic Games makes the look of the whole world is in China centrally this focus. All luxury, appear to be able to find the enjoyable style of Chinese type everywhere, be seen by doting Chinese element everywhere.

2008 it is China year, this is early 2001 the fact with respect to publicity. Want to say the ethical mood this year is particularly rising so, that does not do not have pretext absolutely. Besides plan the torch in to deliver no longer encounter an accident, after arriving, the whole people boycotts a Le Fu, the Olympic Games has not begun, china year already of the of great momentum spent an in part quickly. And cast social problem not to say, in fashionable bound, provide to skin of dress of international big shop sign greatly, small deserve to act the role of to the gem that drops between ear, alleged " Chinese wind " far more than blew 29 days, when " Chinese wind " be in again right now here encountered an Olympic Games, do sth for the occasion should the design of season is to see really dazzling. Money was spent many, had not regretted to spend injustice money now we, return meeting affirmation when arriving at end to look round to look this year really at that time of warm blood of have one's bosom filled with collect?

Chinese element is popular

The Lu float palace that museum of the Imperial Palace holds recently? Napoleon generation is exhibited, so favour listens so that come from the Napoleon generation that spot of person specially assigned for a task of museum of Lu float palace tells about personally. The fact that mutual contradiction exists all the time again is: Love lead army everywhere the advocate that the Napoleon of go on an expedition is peace all the time, look round look, he what all along has deep love for science and culture career is the history go up " mix build " Great Master -- blend in art politics and regnant in the center, and among them, he himself most the credo that stand fast is " skill saber, skill spirit " . But what he understands at the same time is, the conquer on the armed strength, many it is easy to want what go up than spirit to inbreak.

Hear a story, see an assembly room nearby Gucci inn, there is very conspicuous rings handle bag over there. Right, be in early silk period, be afraid Chinese element is mixed with respect to the solution be tearinged open that begins little recombine, what confluence enters oneself of each big shop sign is idiosyncratic in, made one season the trend that another season has dimensions quite and modern element. Arrive early in 40 time 60 time are prime, gucci rolled out this confluence to take Chinese traditional element -- the bag of rings. Rings clue continues up to now, look, of 2008 Chun Xia Gucci go vacationing series T stage is beautiful, the Chinese element of foreign outfit backside -- setting edition is design of black and white and dichromatic rings entirely.
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