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Dress of free cloth act according to actual circumstances is custom-built into n

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Gather when brand of dress of a gleam of of each home inside big market, international, contend for when grabbing woman dress to consume the market, seaside area more and more young woman customer transformed before consumptive habit, begin to cut out in all sorts of silks and satins, cloth act according to actual circumstances is inn oneself make the clothing, and the attention that at present the tailer's shop of tide of same prep close behind drew a youth not only, also become the place of gift of concentration of young and factitious old person gradually.

"1/4 the dress price that makes a silks and satins in this is bazaar brand dress only, and it is to measure a body to have something made to order, need not worry about dress measures problem not only, the money that cut out still be oneself choice, suit oneself most. " a lady that is preparing to carry the dress in tailer's shop of a silks and satins introduces. As we have learned, the dress that cuts out at present really design is increasing, and the choice of cloth is more rich also, arrive from silks and satins simple leftover of cloth, can turn a client into wanted clothing in the at hand of clipping division. So rich dress design, fabrics of course capture of many woman customer " fragrant heart " . A few store that make the clothing opened a shopping mall directly inside, be in same on the street, contend for with the brand clothing store that takes fashionable course, large market snatch a client group.

One cuts out the staff member of inn introduces, cut out the client of inn is middleaged female merely no longer, the youth of a few vogue begins increasingly also to join this one procession. Young consumption group is divided outside choosing fabrics to make fashionable dress for oneself, still can be before great red-letter day or the clothing is made for cloth of old person selected when change garments according to the season, resembling is in last few years relatively popular China the youth dotes on the gauze stuff that take and suits to make place of dress of old person summer use more quite. Speak of a gift, this staff member says, a lot of storefront inside travel are offerred now according to can the service that the dress of the old person measures size, what can reduce an old person to go out not only is troublesome, also satisfied a lot of youths to consider the demand of old person surprise.

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