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Information of famous city vogue [on August 18]

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    [Paris] leopard grain creed is returned to quickly

Pure the natural material, concise line, inspiration that gets from animal body, for infuse of Parisian fashion group new spirit is angry, the earth quality that has feeling of fashionable cultivate virgin soil is most get praise highly. The leopard grain design that brings Safari style wraps the fittings of young other people such as bag, sunglass, scarf to apply, disclosing mysterious and haggard special impressions slightly. Each are big what the brand contends for photograph general panther is haggard with intelligence of animals, in blending in vogue to dress up, innovation gives unthinkable visual concussion sense. Big shop sign rolls out low-key and costly leopard grain fittings in succession, cream even newest eyelash the leopard grain that exchanges glance of grand of Jing making a person " appearance " . Leopard grain is the cosset of fashion all the time, and the window with this the biggest season depends on grain of small area leopard apply, show the attitude with this mysterious and haggard times with this.

[los angeles] healthy beauty ages smile blossoms

Nowadays, los angeles sadly sweep raises buccal hurricane. Although people is adopted generally,brush his teeth everyday behavior of health care of oral cavity of this one ego, but current toothpaste product accomplished surface layer cleanness merely, fail to achieve deepness conserve oral cavity. What we should take seriously is, in keep good while sanitation is used to, still must cooperate articles for use of effective oral cavity cleanness, more important is to should raise consciousness of oral cavity conserve. Stem from pair of beauty, healthy pursuit, come in the troop that more and more people begin to join oral cavity conserve, this also nurses to oral cavity the product raised taller requirement. The oral cavity medical establishment that dental SPA had become a lot of major is popular nurse project, washed tooth and regular examination to become the one part that pays attention to health of personage of oral cavity conserve to live more very much.

[Beijing] secondhand brand white-collar is chased after hold in both hands

The capital popularity nowadays is worn secondhand famous brand market, secondhand group of famous brand consumption is in increasingly giant. The female offerred its white-collar for a lot of average income to change often the likelihood of famous brand actor's costumes. The office female of styles of these sensitive to vogue, constant irregular change thinks, do not eat not to drink on assemble a few months to buy a new name tagvisiting card with its, be inferior to buying secondhand famous brand, often can change Chang Xin already, did not like to still can sell change now. Be in the Beijing with buyer's market and likewise powerful seller's market, secondhand famous brand consumption is forming a complete current economy chain. Of Beijing secondhand famous brand inn is the strange thing that begins nearly two years to appear, and of Hong Kong " Milan stands " , " Paris stands " etc secondhand famous brand inn makes fashionable follower already shop " heaven " .
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