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Dress tide: Fashionable dress moves completely rise

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Investment king Roger this publish a daughter recently there is inside the book: "This is Chinese century, go learning Chinese! " very with when the proposal that all receives. Of China fly not because of the Olympic Games, but the Olympic Games because of China, on the crossover 2008 one is athletic breath. Do not think to have Adidas By Stella McCartney only or Lacoste ability meets every Jimo motion is not joyous. This year, chanel, Celine, Jean Paul Gaultier enjoy motion element, be not experience ability what should bear streaming with sweat really to call campaign badly, the definition with exacter to motion fashionable dress is: Apply.
Ritzy: See all at the god

Most the athletic fashionable dress of marrow of to the marrow, be absent form and in the god. Apply athletic spirit to move back and forth between different stock, the slide fastener of Givenchy this season grows sleeve coat, cooperate tight pants, all moving feeling conceal so that drop water does not show; And go up in week of Mexican fashionable dress, local stylist Ricardo Seco ' in the Chun Xia series of S, what we see is " final illusion " crossover edition, or 60 time pretty young woman enters Roman square very quickly, a pair come high the canvas shoes of crus, finished the most civilian the straightest white athletic language.
Little is good

Inside male movement project, many specific dress elements are the big love of stylist all along. Be like horsemanship to need some waists-coat, coat and hat; The POLO compensate of the helmet that the sword hits and golf is the inspirational origin of the design all the time. Turn again with POLO compensate build up for example the Ralph Lauren of war outfit female this year outfit appears with sheer horsemanship dress, no matter be high gent cap, still be luxuriant tangerine waists-coat, the tall waist that cooperates big this year heat is narrow skirt, wind of fair maiden of model model squares formed by crossed lines; And Celine counters campaign this year and go, the material that uses evening dress makes swimsuit series, make the functional instant of the swimsuit adapts; Most apparent still is the jean series of the stripe motion design of Chanel and Gang Yang, bikini serves as conceal among them indicative, enough sees the international feelings of Karl Lagerfred. So, if think the athletic fashionable dress with the most traditional supplement, simple way is keep one's eyes open these direct draw materials the dress at athletic element, want nobility to match high-heeled shoes, want cruel, it is good to match boots or running shoes.
Street dress is refined

Street motion enters fashionable dress is not thing of 9 years any more, for example Diesel and Evisu are therein do the person that do. Special Diesel, comparative on the union in fashionable dress and street culture in last few years outstanding, draw what star not less to chase after hold in both hands. The former outfit sportswear that they understand sex of function of be particular about can not move the youth's heart, go against its to go up so, with cape collocation jeans, or match Gao Bangyun to change shoe with tight dust coat. The still calculates French stylist Jean-Charles De Castelbajac gold cape that has street feeling most of course matchs bikini, be like empress go into battle to make peaceful fist, awe-inspiring all sides.
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