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New trend of 2008 international swimsuit

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  recently, online vogue forecasts England and company of WGSN(Worth Global Style Network) of provider of service of trend trend analysis released new direction of 2008 international swimsuit.

WGSN points out, speedo(Sipiduo) the new revolution that 2008 new-style swimsuits caused world swimsuit in the beginning of come out. The last a period of time of research and development of this swimsuit 3 years many, accepted the proposal that comes from expert of aviation, spaceflight, use imponderability, low resistance, waterproof, wash-and-wear dress data, receive technical generation not to have fold effect with supersonic speed frit. In addition, use on the swimsuit set specially, but the body swimmer as far as possible model becomes streamline entity, reduce the resistance that when swimming, gets.

Arena(A Ruina) the characteristic that 2008 swimsuits combined generation swimsuit, enchased get together inferior amine ester (TPU) will assist muscle systole. Whole material was used in dress front, without any juncture. Every square metre weighs this kind of cloth only 99 grams, it is only among two legs the hot frit layer that reached back to enchase two plane, do not have completely seam joining together.

New generation A Di amounts to the design element of the generation before Si Yong garment acceded, although compress a technology,still be main design principle, but all material undertook optimizing, apposition is entered thermoplastic get together inferior amine ester material. It went up in the besmear on Lai card of an imponderability special fabric of fluorine black silk ribbon, TPU fabric basically is applied reach in the waist spinal the core force that the position around will come to to support an action, maintain body underwater stability.

Be able to bear or endure the gram is being searched all the time can make natant speed obtains the fastest data. Etc of wind tunnel and the rate that decided every kinds of fabric greatly in the research and development that the effect takes in water, tectonic technology uses the detail design in the swimsuit. Be able to bear or endure the main characteristic that overcomes 2008 swimsuits to be tasted newly is to reduce water resistance force and without seam joining together.

Origin: Chinese spin newspaper