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Italy of 2009/2010 Chun Xia trend of popularity of female outfit fabrics

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2009/2010 year Chun Xia Italy the core competition ability of female outfit is fabrics, and decide the key with clothing high quality fabrics is high grade yarn, new and high technology arrange craft, and the synthetic fibre that studies development is more new-style.

Theme one

Inspiration comes from iciness, hazy, weak and downy, pink perhaps, shallow brown, aureate wait tonal and downy the colour that be together, fabrics some abounds burnish, some and the dim colour combination that bring a few light are applied.

Pure cotton, cotton adds neuter colorific stick glue, cotton to add bamboo fiber; The fabrics of blending of black silk ribbon of cotton and dacron, ammonia is clean and relaxed, accord with tide; Fabric surface is flowing and fluent, feel is compact, the exterior makes a person find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind.

Neuter is lubricious, one but summertime theme of the person, of shallow brown and beach tonal it is best explanation, match with shallow blue photograph sometimes.

Theme 2

With respect to character character, we decided two groups of colour: Of real neuter quality and camouflage, contain the coating of thin thin metal, iridescent fabric that twinkles slightly.

But anyhow, fabrics wants do one's best all wool and a yard wide, had better be raw material lock surely the plant fiber such as flax, ramie, marijuana and cotton. Inspiration is taken from natural floral organic colour, the effect of mud of copy animal flix, lime, with adulteration the fruit is yellow wait for colorific the set off of green phase modulation of different depth.

Theme 3

Synthetic fibre presents a neuter colour, but because of its " synthesize " or " man-made " fibrous feeling, make this kinds fasten avant-courier of vogue of all the more.

Transparent colour makes a contrary, unified world, already the organza that tigidity provides retractility again, namely the most frivolous stretch fiber sticking gum, design of romantic plant flowers and plants, have the mixture tissue of effect of the drape like silk.

Theme 4

The lunar shadow of silver grey color asperses the almirah that entered a town, depth stagger gray installs the streets and lanes of light city, arrive from pearl ash iron is grey, argent burnish makes person confusing drunk.

Black fabric also uses flashy polyester fiber or colophony is arranged, in every time bright sparkles in shaking.

Use extensively of printing technology, let bright color begin to be popular, and be admitted quickly and apply generally. Distinctive technology innovates -- the wonderful structure that knit grain makes a person associate " Xianaier " classical.

The fabric surface of unconventional anaglyph effect, downy perhaps ripple and sculpture are designed.

Theme 5

The recreational wind design of city used the fabrics that has retractility, rich and style is comfortable. Synthetic fibre includes bounce cotton, cotton adds the fabric such as ammoniac black silk ribbon, dacron, do easily, dress is comfortable. And color of cream-colored, gray, bright-coloured yellow, light green, violet color and blue are first selection.
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