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Brand of 4 big famous fabrics makes comfortable underwear jointly

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Recently, the choice of fabrics is paid attention to more while JOCKEY of brand of world famous underwear is going after fashionable tide, combine beautiful Nuo (MERINO) , Lai gets stuck (silk of LYCRA) , COOLMAX, day (TENCEL)4 macrocosm is famous fabrics brand, make perfect underwear for consumer.

JOCKEY uses the Australian beauty with much, durable, soft, natural function the underwear that Nuo abb fiber makes, let consumer experience vernal warmth in the winter, what feel the fall in summer is relaxed. Compare with photograph of most spin fiber, abb of Australian beauty Nuo is natural, but second birth, but biology degradation. The temperature of the person that meeting ground is wearing fabrics of abb of JOCKEY beautiful Nuo changes make response, absorb moisture, reduce the sweat fluid that remains to go up in the skin, control the peculiar smell that the body produces effectively, can resist effectively at the same time what all sorts of weather commutation in nature bring for the mankind is unwell.

JOCKEY Lai blocks underwear to use cotton and fabrics of Lai card blending, moisture absorption is bouncy, tactility gentleness, dress is relaxed and comfortable.

Fabrics of JOCKEY COOLMAX motion can absorb sweat quickly, send out quickly moisture, make skin interface maintains Gan Shuang; Be full of flexibility at the same time, have breathe freely, cool function, dress is comfortable, the activity is comfortable; Fabrics is out of shape not easily, be able to bear or endure wash durable, can maintain the appearance of clothings and colour and lustre for a long time.

Fabrics of JOCKEY day silk has soft, comfortable, permeability the advantage with smooth and good, cool, durable and good, durable drapability; At the same time day silk is fiber of green environmental protection, have admirable hygroscopic, can maintain the skin not dry.

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