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Tide restoring ancient ways: Than the cat more the amorous feelings with lazy la

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About languid lazy vogue understands, it is to follow aristocratic flavour to buy a concern commonly, our ancient time most the wide gown big sleeve of the Mingshi of Wei Jin of dress nothing is more... than with lazy languid, what tide affects is capacious, still a lot of elements appear in the dress later. And the route that the brand of one numerous international on stage of T of 08 autumn winters also chose likeness, many series reflect a languid lazy taste, let additional kind the noble is angry from in outside arriving, send out thoroughly.

Chill grace feels

The gut of teleplay tells us, the movement that imitates a cat can let a woman have charm more, receive the male friend that cease to be faithful copy putting in skirt 's charge afresh even. But the experience that raises a cat tells me, cat besides walk gait is worth while and imitated, more bad habits let a person be borne hard, change to the person's body especially, for example sleeps appearance. The languid lazy grace that wants to get approximate inhospitality feels, or from clad dress up begin.

Black is popular color, white is pretty good also, have next deep ash, deep blue wait for cool color. Colour choice is proper, languid lazy temperament comes out immediately half. But also the brand chooses beauty and achieve similar result, if love Ma Shi, the orange of a suit is gules, the balance of recumbent coat and chatelaine, temperament had new change. We like sober, but also need a surprise now and then.

The directest the temperament that reflects grace, appear with the appearance of suit more, slender line is common element, all along with " restore ancient ways accuse " the Chanel stylist of pose as blocks Er · to pull case Fei, 8 years advanced and custom-built in also present a work of a few collect inside the paragraph, colour is not enthusiastic, design also not make public, grow long skirt to place procrastinate to be all right on T stage, one face about, keep the most beautiful back, write down the camellia on its dress is beautifully, go in the heart that blooms to visit an official. This kind not insolent, look comfortable accompany distance move however, perhaps this is advanced and custom-built glamour place. Calculating be linked together to come is the GUCCI that takes enthusiastic course, the design of autumn winter series that also cannot forget to give oneself presses the late outfit of the stage a few sets, let pledge feeling and lines say, tell everybody, they all along never deviate mainstream.

Additional kind bud silk blackart

Of course, also somebody is met in lazy temperament of will sexy notional classify languid, the white suit explanatory note that stylist ARMANI receives with word of a big V concerns sexy meaning, the hairstyle cloak of model half cheek, sway much appearance ground goes beside you, those who taking the whole body is clever, saying is languid lazy, but conquer you none hesitantly again.
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