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Popularity of 08 autumn winters is bright red Scotland grid

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  serves as one of most classical and old pattern, case grain always meets Scotland be anabiosised by people call in Qiu Dong, appearance display art. Its tremendous vitality and include the gender can use the fashionable dress that portrays a kind of any styles almost, this is the most magical grid on the world!

Imagine very hard, resemble such D&G passion the Italian brand of 4 excessive, ralph Lauren the American brand with that kind of old deal with concrete matters relating to work, the Japan that still type of Comme De Garcons does not take common route is additional kind of brand, can value the Scotland grid cloth of gules department in this Qiu Dong. They write down new definition afresh to Scotland grid according to their style, the grid of D&G grows skirt to be made for campus girl, the grid coat of Ralph Lauren suits to go to work, and CDG criterion in order to do not have modelling break up of the structure the grid of horizontal smooth upend.


Sterling gules Scotland grid is sung in this season advocate tone, case grain is bigger, appear more mature and sedate, be applied to be in Nancy skirt outfit by abundantly, be just as clear spring brooklet, releasing implicative beauty silently.

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