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Chu Qiu wears precocity to photograph fetch to install

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Everybody knows   about Luo Li tower the story of that rebel against orthodoxy -- the wrap up below a piece of cherubic skin bursa is worn terrible soul. Nevertheless, people tens of year will return is the official below the skirt that ground of be most willing to becomes her. Her precocity and traitorous and impure move are self-righteous pure, be lent garment revive from death by more and more stylist, unreal changes disgraced girl the most ostentatious " the body " . Perhaps need not copy the almirah of adult world, a kind ripe fashionable dress of female detail infuse girl, can immediately reincarnation is this season most the Luolida of be awed person.

Classic elder brother is special

Profile of princess of abstraction wanting a place is depressed black

Tie-in reason

Typical princess small formal attire. Tall waist design and exert oneself of ridgy skirt body build lovely profile. Skirt places the damask that use silk and false or true of good yarn joining together to have the strewn at random feeling that cause. Black apply colours to a drawing gives the atmosphere of a weird mystery, formed conflict with young design. Containing the PVC red waist band that shows bright smooth sense is a key, exert oneself models pectoral waist line. Not only can avoid whole to be immersed in insipid in monochromatic, what still can emphasize the waist on the vision is fine and got-up figure scale, also be classic wind infuse at the same time nifty vigor. High-heeled shoes chose to contain design of chalaza of olfactory restoring ancient ways, the adornment of round head and bowknot can proper be in harmony the temperament restoring ancient ways at whole.

Should enrol camouflage

The point abstracts temptation of nifty geometry be dressed in a Chinese-style jacket and trousers

Tie-in reason

Dot of card of Er of real silk, abstract painterly design, wave and gules filar socks, itself sheet is worn is the ripe female element with coquettish acme. But mix build together have unexpected ghost Ma Fan however. Between dot, twill, abstract design " communicate " , break steady pattern, make different geometrical element comparative give the effect of bouncing convention. Because window element is overmuch, be about to know stop where it should stop on colour and detail. Choose to design concise sheet to taste as far as possible, colour is OK also mutual echo. Additional, jacket, wipe bosom, hot pants to want accident orderly ability controls tie-in rhythm on administrative levels.

Traitorous princess

The point abstracts metallic burnish is big knitting

Tie-in reason

Metallic color can collide with a kind of any colour almost a scintilla. Specific arrive argent with red, it is set each other off becomes an interest more between changes in temperature, both the fashionable that all has aerospace world. Thin waist band is here more it is the adornment effect that has a connecting link between the preceding and the following, gules sweater and argent the collocation of short skirt more rationalize. Choosing argent bracelet likewise also is to be on colour echo skirt is installed. Two kinds big an allocation between scale, what changed long money sweater effectively infirmly is sedate the make public with short skirt. Bosom of black and filar socks are this body collocation to insert went up sexy label.
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