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The autumn popularity fashionable dress that ethical wind is full of

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The summer of 2008 crossover of     , ethical wind is blazing! The modelling of Xi Shi of India of Hermes Baotou silver-colored hair worn in a bun or coil, shoe of Ares of Balenciaga leg wrappings, etro nation spends busy dress, line of compensate unlined upper garment wraps around outside HugoBossOrange inwrought T-shirt army pants, be not combination of the whole people, easier also imitated. The modelling of ethical style is not to bite certainly the long skirt that Ling clanks.

The popular information that comes from Hong Kong shows, after vest of KateMoss black suit heats up afterwards greatly, no matter be bazaar or small shop,roll out ultrathin edition short vest, connect qualitative a brief informal note of cotton print, hemp, inwrought, compose bead piece reach knit a flower, just congeneric nation gene.