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Information of famous city vogue [on September 1]

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    [Paris] Bohemia of haggard amorous feelings

Pi Cao! Hit a nail! Riding boots! Military uniform! Decorative pattern! Besides restore ancient ways always with costly, paris today the vogue autumn winter of season, still showed the one side that has Bohemia amorous feelings quite. Do not think used " amorous feelings " two words, tender feelings seems water the style this year, it is actually besides the style, more of praise highly is Pi Cao and military uniform, and more metallic detail designs. In the Qiu Dong this year, fashionable bound of Paris left an independence, self-confidence to the person absolutely, doughty impression.

[Hong Kong] Chu Qiu pants installs clever collocation

Below the effect that changes agitation in popular this year neutral, pants outfit becomes Hong Kong today the optimal sheet of season vogue is tasted. Of dark grace advocate tone, no matter be the cent pants of classical and refined trousers or diverse strong and weak points, all get support. Even if what do not ascend elegance all along is medium pants design, also shed the temperament that shows gentle nobility. Belong to the design dividing pants of young gens only originally, shake the body becomes or contracted, or showily mature style, what make professional female choice likewise is new bestow favor on. Abb, the high quality combination such as design of Ying Lun grid, will modern mix build ground of mental incisively and vividly to deduce. Of wide leg brown and comfortable 8 minutes on the west pants money, wear in the office forever decent.

[Tianjin] make environmental protection become useless to be treasure

Advocate environmental protection in the whole people today, the recycle of plastic products causes widespread attention of the society. Now, "Become useless to be treasure " vogue east east flourishing is compared in Tianjin. For example says, skin of the polybag that is discarded by people in rubbish dump, toothpaste actually can " change personally " the purse that becomes novel fashion, umbrella! Plastic bottle is used in great quantities in be being packed as a result of the beverage with daily and drinkable people, best method lets plastic bottle can use circularly namely: Full water of bottle traditional Chinese clothes or sand can be used when dumbbell.

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