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Information of famous city vogue [on August 25]

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    [new York] day fastens fashionable and abstract creed

Nowadays, popular day beginning on new York beautiful field is fashionable and abstract creed. The modern motion that grants labor law in this shirt-sleeve and full colour, agile clipping, essence goes beautiful in, the most fascinating place, business suit of the printing trousers that you can admire design of many the bright side jacket that showing metallic burnish, black and white helix, straight stripe deserves to go up orange sneaker. On pants of the black silk thin long gown, motion that smoke a rope, see drawstring of coverall of type of infuse convention day, stays not hard, still have the sign of a large number of comfortable and dustproof appearance even. Under the main shaft core that devises an idea in this kind, should go out dress is caught red, green, blue etc while tall chroma is lubricious, also be these gym in handsome boy, innovation goes joy to go into the street the modern new option of gad.

[Hong Kong] gold hand bag caters to an Olympic Games

4 years of ability once Olympic Games, and this the Chinese player gold of the Olympic Games counts be far ahead, then quite sensitive to vogue Hong Kong hand includes business, rolled out bag of gold medal hand in time. The price is not very high, design is very simple also, if you do not like to taking so big empty package to go out, need fold a few times to be able to narrow it only. If you do not like to reave the limelight of Olympic Games champion, still can try an Olympic Games 5 annulus bag. Vogue is put first aside, at least you also can let yourself thoroughly Olympic Games, hang " gold " full market ran.

[London] Qiu Dong of upsurge restoring ancient ways is popular

Broiling midsummer has not gone, drive in the London vogue go-between with most advanced tide already the popularity that too impatient to wait delivers the view to Qiu Dong. If you advocate austere be afraid today autumn meeting is infiltrated limbo. To be cold is to display costly good time, had blown the wind restoring ancient ways of a few season, as before hot, also be flooded even duty field even. Element restoring ancient ways: The hubble-bubble sleeve, skirt that include a body, much drape, big and luxurious act the role of article, most chain of metal of avoid odd root a small condole dropped, you can wear necklace so that resemble pope same; Wide bracelet wants many since Dai Zaiyi; Vanity also does not use smooth fabrics, or is much drape soft skin, or is the case grain that open wire pressing is seamed above. Pardonable also popularity restoring ancient ways suffers bestow favor on, such actor's costumes lets a person imposing manner has temperament again namely!

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