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Have " black and white ash " have whole Qiu Dong

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8 years of Qiu Dong with   antediluvian and blusterous answer, making black and white ash trichromatic also had cannot the fashionable glamour of oversight, add the add inflammatory details to of concise languid lazy style, a few comfortable hypertrophy, it seems that softness hangs down the dress that feels dye-in-the-wood also has his moment greatly, if can combine both, accomplish your modern Qiu Dong to install absolutely.

Sailor's striped shirt follows wind restoring ancient ways also is returned to come among tide, a few wider stripe suits OL more people the dress with a few thicker flavour of tie-in and other woman, for instance this moire coat on model body is mixed piscine end skirt.

Carry belt length pants on the back, bud cap, and black chalaza leather shoes, the sailor's striped shirt on collocation is euqally good-looking, very gent very Ying Lun.

A suit that with different gray collocation comes out is very harmonious be full of administrative levels feeling, will express your fashionable attitude with the ruffle, and the perception that avoided arrogant on account of one's seniority.

Origin:  tries? of fierce a surname of low of know well Ling