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Qiu Dong tries to rock and roll this year

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  is bright-coloured. Tattered. Metal. Street

Engine billfold overcomes sootiness makeup is classical label

Zhang Manyu is in French film " clean " medium performance, resembling is pair of western world definitions: Chinese woman is the woman of graceful and restrained of the cheongsam that wear a flower not just, the woman of they and whole world is same, zoology is numerous, even if wears engine jacket also not likely is Yang Ziqiong only in that way dozen female, also can be the modern young woman that wearing earphone to sing English song aloud. Be in " clean " in, what Zhang Manyu wears at most is jacket of black engine skin tie-in black jeans, department of a red scarf gives French romance a few minutes.

Engine skin jacket can be the it is the most important to rock and roll element in dress, especially classical rock and roll. Classical the form that rocks and roll to shed picnicky line with guitar at first comes on stage, the Ying Lun that is a delegate with beetle band in dress respect follow rocks and roll. Its dress up a characteristic is: The hairstyle England autocycle with messy jackboot of jeans of close leg of engine skin jacket, complete copy " flying car party " Bai Lan of medium equestrian dragon · is spent. Train wagon of this kind of machine places the element such as pants of chain of gram, metal, close leg to be overcome to absorb by friend later, make another kind of trend.

Arrived today, engine skin jacket is narrow leg pants, be the street style that a lot of female star, female model has deep love for. Kate Moss of British famous model, Agyness Deyn, Zhang Manyu is the stubborn vermicelli made from bean starch of engine skin jacket. " the female demon head that wears Prada " in, andy binds a hair to return uncut jade to return true, go in that body attire on the street, what jeans of red peaceful cloth matchs is Vince engine short jacket. Also be in not only street, miranda of female chief editor also loves to wear short jacket in the office, the aureate paillette of Bill Blass places short jacket of gram, black and white stripe, astute, spell able, " demon head " in temperament, do not have the grace of cruel of a kind of cruel.

Engine skin jacket is the it is the most important to rock and roll element in dress

Classical and tie-in: Engine skin jacket is narrow leg pants

In people look, rock and roll the singer's the appearance of an actor is not quite fine. Happy to cooperate Peng Keyin, often extremely use up hyperbole, only crackers 2 words can be described. Friend overcomes original author to perhaps won't think of, rock and roll has so great magic power actually, ecbolic give a kind of new dress culture, from on the century arrives at the beginning of 70 time now, of friend gram style dress up it is all the time in sheet of popular a list of names posted up.

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